(Recap) The 100 Season 7 Episode 15 – “The Dying of the Light”

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As the final episode of the lesson, “Dying of Light” delivers an emotional punch to the gut. And like in the last few episodes.

While Clark struggles to deal with everything that has happened, Cadogan, with the help of an increasingly reluctant Levitt, intervenes in Maddie’s thoughts about the code.

Eventually, Levitt approaches the students and uses the nano tracer pills left by Shadehead to take Clark and Octavia to Bardot, where the women release Shadehead as a distraction. The commander of darkness disappeared after slaughtering several students.

Meanwhile, Emory is badly injured when the corridor collapses, forcing Raven, Murphy, and Jackson to desperately search for the Anomaly Stone to bring Emory back to Sanctum and save their lives.

The three find a rock buried under the Azgeda symbol on the restroom floor, but Emory’s heart stops and Jackson is forced to perform an RPR as they hurry back to the Sanctuary with Emory.

Bardot reveals that Maddie suffered a massive, incurable stroke from M-Cap, leaving him permanently locked in his own body. But before Octavia can get Maddie out of the way, more bad news emerges: Cadogan got his brain code before leaving Clark’s dead daughter. and the three retreats to stop him, leaving Maddie for a while. As they left, tears fell from Maddie’s eyes as she was conscious but unable to move.

The 100 Season 7 Episode 16 – The Series Finale Promo of “The Last War”

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