[Recap] Siren Season 3 Episode 4 – “Life and Death”

Siren Season 3 Episode 7

Here is the recap of episode 4, called life and death of season 3. In this episode, we see Ryn’s priorities shifting, as her baby girl is born. Until now, she was fixated on taking down Tia. Ryn operated out of a sense of love for the humans, and responsibilities towards mermaids. However, motherhood changes things for Ryn. Ben & Maddie discuss the mermaid baby. Meanwhile, Tia poses a threat to both humans and mermaids.

We see her killing off members from different tribes to get the other to join her in a war against humankind. Meanwhile, Sarge helps Helen reach out to Dona in the spirit world. However, Dona disappears before Helen can make out what is being said. She might have been warning Helen about the perils of having a purebred newborn exposed to the ruthless human society.

Xander recognizes the boat that is calling for help.

On the other hand, Dona might just have been talking about what happened in her life. One thing is for sure. With Tia preparing for war, Bristol Cove is for plenty of bloodshed in the coming episodes.