Rebelde Reboot Season 1 Episode Guide – Release Date – Meet New Cast – Trailer

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Fans of Rebelde will be pleased to know that, amid the flurry of reboots, the renowned Mexican series is also returning! The fiction, which rocked the globe between 2004 and 2006, was heir to the Argentine Rebelde Way and catapulted actresses like Anah Puente and Dulce Mara to stardom. Netflix is now in charge of redesigning the Elite Way School, with a new generation of students and new uniforms that are already in the works for what is expected to be one of the most anticipated releases of 2022. Yes, has a thorough list of all there is to know about New Rebelde Season 1: Who will be in the cast? Let’s see how many episodes of New Rebelde Season 1 there will be and when they will air, as well as the trailer and photos, so let’s get started.

Rebelde Reboot Season 1 Release Date

Netflix began filming Rebelde in Mexico City on March 1, 2021, according to reports. On Wednesday, January 5, 2022, the All-New Rebelde series will premiere on Netflix, and we’ve got all the details.

Rebelde Reboot Season 1 Episode Guide

In this new version of Rebelde, we’ll see music, choreography, and boys and girls who try to raise awareness about the issues that face today’s adolescents while simultaneously dealing with adult preconceptions. The all-new 8 episodes of Rebelde (2022) series.

Rebelde Season 1, Episode 1   Runtime:  minutes
Rebelde Season 1, Episode 2   Runtime:  minutes
Rebelde Season 1, Episode 3   Runtime:  minutes
Rebelde Season 1, Episode 4   Runtime:  minutes
Rebelde Season 1, Episode 5   Runtime:  minutes
Rebelde  Season 1, Episode 7  Runtime:  minutes
Rebelde  Season 1, Episode 7   Runtime:  minutes
Rebelde  Season 1, Episode 8   Runtime:  minutes

What will the plot of the ‘Rebelde’ reboot be?

Within the confines of their boarding school, the Elite Way School, a group of young people from high society will share classes and all types of teenage escapades. They were all quite different from one another, yet they shared a common goal: to be successful in music. They will express their thoughts through their instruments, singing, and dancing, and it will be a means for them to fight against what the world expects of them. However, he will face an adversary in the form of the hidden group ‘La Logia,’ which threatens to ruin the incoming pupils’ musical dreams.

Who Stars In Netflix’s New ‘Rebelde’ Series? Here’s Where You Can Meet the Cast!

There will be some new faces in the cast, as well as some familiar ones that lifelong Rebelde fans may remember! Continue reading to meet the Rebelde cast…

Celina is played by Estefania Villarreal.
Emilia is played by Giovanna Grigio.
Esteban is played by Sergio Mayer Mori.
Luka is played by Franco Masini.
Anita is played by Pamela Almanza.
Sebas is played by Alejandro Puente.
Jana is played by Azul Guaita
Dixon is played by Jerónimo Cantillo.
Andrea Chaparro in the role of MJ
Marcelo (Luka’s father) is played by Leo de Lozanne.
Prefecta Lourdes Karla Gazcón
Andi is played by Lizeth Selene.

Watch New ‘Rebelde’ Series Trailer

Netflix unveiled the first official poster on September 22, 2021. Netflix released the first music video teaser on September 25, 2021. The first teaser trailer was released on November 9th. The official trailer was released on December 7th. watch it here

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