A Real Survivor: Where is Eduardo Strauch Now?

The terrifying story of the 1972 Andes flight disaster is told in the 2023 movie Society of the Snow” (La sociedad de la nieve), which was directed by J.A. Bayona. Based on Pablo Vierci’s gripping book, the movie explores the lives of the 16 people who managed to stay alive after a terrible plane crash.
The actors who appear in the movie are from Uruguay and Argentina, and many of them are new to their industries. They give the characters and the tough problems they face a real feel. What a moving story “Society of the Snow” is about the strong will of those who overcame hardships in one of the harshest environments on Earth. tvacute knows more about Eduardo Strauch, one of the survivors, and his amazing story.

Who is Eduardo Strauch?

A rugby player Eduardo Strauch and his cousins Adolfo Strauch and Daniel Fernández survived the Andes plane disaster on October 13, 1972, when he was 25 years old. On the way to safety, they had to deal with unimaginable difficulties, like staying alive at an elevation of over 3,500 meters and temperatures dropping to 30 degrees below zero. Fito Strauch, Daniel Fernandez, and Eduardo Strauch himself are the three cousins. After the crash, these cousins were vital in the aftermath, acting as temporary leaders when Marcelo, the first leader, lost hope. They also had to eat human flesh to stay alive. They were among the 16 survivors who were rescued on December 22, 1972, having spent 72 days in the mountains.
Eduardo Strauch was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, on August 13, 1947.  He spent his childhood at his family’s ranch, where he learned to be humble and respect nature. Though he was young, these ideals were taught to him and were very important in shaping his view during the hard times in the Andes.  He attended the Stella Maris school in the Carrasco district. Later on, he studied architecture at the University of the Republic’s Faculty of Architecture.  Eduardo was a famous builder and painter, but on October 13, 1972, when he was 25, he became involved in the terrible events of Flight 571. This was a sudden change in his life. His fate would be changed by this event, which would later become an inspiration to many.
Eduardo and Laura Braga have been married since 1979. They are lucky to have five kids: Pedro Strauch, Olivia Strauch, Federico Strauch, and Sofía Strauch. He is a well-known actor from the films Alive: 20 Years Later (1993), Stranded (2007), and The Endless Flight (2020).

Who is Eduardo Strauch Now?

Flight 571 Eduardo Strauch Now

Eduardo Strauch is a famous architect who shows off his skills and creativity in the field, going beyond the realms of life. With his work and personal life, Eduardo, co-founder of the Uruguayan Old Christians Club rugby team, has left a lasting mark. He is just as dedicated to the field of architecture as he is to art. He recently started drawing oil paintings and has found a new love for them.
When climber Ricardo Pena found some of Eduardo’s possessions including his wallet and jacket at the crash site in 2005, memories came flooding back, and Eduardo broke his silence to talk about his journey. Since then, he has inspired plays, books, and other publications while delivering conferences on four continents. Together with Mireya Soriano, Eduardo Strauch co-wrote his biography “Desde el Silencio” in 2012; it was shown in Uruguay, Spain, and other nations.

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