Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 3 takes us into the interesting world of Kanan’s goals, Raq’s smart moves, and the complicated dance of secrets in Queens’ Southside Jamaica. Stay safe as we go through the many twists and turns that make this show a thrilling and surprising ride.

During the most exciting part of the episode “Open For Business,” our driven main character Kanan takes the lead, determined to make his way in the drug trade, away from his mother Raq’s shadow. When he started his weed delivery business, he became very successful very quickly. But as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Kanan’s growing business not only makes money but also gets the notice of people who shouldn’t be there, especially Ronnie.

That night, after the bouncer Ronnie feels wronged him leaves the club, and Ronnie proceeds to assault and rob him. After a weapons charge and an investigation into the sale of an endangered fish, the FBI searches Stefano’s fish store and arrests him. Kanan wants to launch a cannabis delivery service, but Famous isn’t on board. While Marvin and Lou-Lou are rehearsing for the audition, Juke gets ready to perform. Kanan convinces Famous’s cannabis connection to join the delivery system through conversation. Stefano and his attorney had a meeting with an FBI agent, who told Stefano that they are going to set up a shop in Queens and determine who killed Sal. Howard informs Raq about the task force when they meet. He spills the beans about his encounter with Kanan and other sketchy characters.

In his quest to meet Kanan, Raq visits Famous’s residence but instead finds Famous alone. Famous receives the money from her, who promises to assist them.   A suspicious-looking van is spotted outside as Raq departs, leading her to suspect foul play. When Unique and Ronnie are at the gym, Ronnie wonders why they haven’t seen any results yet. Exclusive informs him that he’s engaged in some kind of project.

Ronnie questions why they didn’t eliminate Raq earlier after he informs her that she is no longer involved. Jukebox receives jewelry from Raq before her audition when she drops by Marvin’s. After Kanan and Famou get into an argument over the new firm, Kanan shows Famous the money Raq left and tells him he’ll be working with him, before throwing it to the ground. Quâ, a Vietnamese heroin dealer who deals with the Italians, is someone Unique meets. In exchange for using his cousin’s Chinese restaurant, he is willing to give Unique a chance.

Ronnie mentions the possibility of having a side piece when Pernessa returns home and asks about him. Baptiste tells Howard that Adina is trying to get IED to clear Burke’s name. Marvin goes to a pub full of Wall Street people and Lou-Lou goes there to see him deal. In any case, when he receives a 911 page, he abandons Lou-Lou for the night. When Unique visits Raq’s, they end up hooking up. He then informs her about his collaboration with Quân, and she mentions that she needs to locate a place to wash the remaining funds. It turns out that Ronnie is parked outside, observing Unique, as he departs Raq. Gerald, a classmate of Marvin’s in anger management, has gotten himself into some problems and needs Marvin’s bailout services. At a bar, Lou-Lou overhears his father performing a song. Lou-Lou gets arrested after beating up an obnoxious customer in the crowd.

Howard informs Adina that they ought to desire the closure of the Burke probe so that she may find serenity. Raq learns that her salon’s landlord is attempting to sell the establishment. When Lou-Lou doesn’t show up for the audition, Jukebox and Marvin go to the audition together. When Kanan and Famous see their business take off, they know they need to bring on more men. Unusual visits a Chinese restaurant to launch a new venture. Marvin observes a jukebox audition. Returning to the pub where he was arrested, Lou-Lou offers to assist Shirley, the owner, with the establishment. To purchase the salon, Raq consults with a realtor. Ronnie is observing Kanan from across the apartment complex, as Kanan observes.

There is a high-stakes game of survival going on as Raq, Kanan, and Detective Howard try to figure out what they are hiding. Kanan’s secret weed business, Raq’s desire to move on from her crime past, and Detective Howard’s dark secret of being a cop killer all add to the tension, making sure that the outcomes of their actions will be felt throughout the story.

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