Radio waves are dominated by Britney Spears’ music, as DJs indicate unity.

britney spears

US pop star Britney Spears music is being played by deejays all over the country. This has sparked a revival for Britney on streaming and radio as she fights her father for control.

Since 2008, when she was suffering from a mental illness, her father has been in control of Spears’ finances. Her estate is estimated at $60 million. After a February Hulu documentary, the arrangement was first made public.

Britney Spears stated that she wanted the arrangement to end in June. She claimed her minders made her take medication against her will, and she refused to let doctors remove her IUD so she could start a family.

Z100 DJ Elvis Duran revealed The NyPost, “We are definitely playing more Britney,”  saying the spinning of hits like “Oops!…I Did It Again” sends a message of solidarity for the beleaguered songstress. also stated that Spears’ music was appropriate to be played during the pandemic when people wanted something familiar.

According to Weekly Rankings by Rolling Stone Magazine, her song streams increased by more than 4,000,000 in the period following her appearance. This was despite Spears not having released a new album since “Glory” in 2016. Read more articles with

“Britney has become a popular topic in pop culture so it’s only natural that everyone wants to hear her music again,” Tom Poleman told The NyPost.

Duran, 56, has been with Z100 since 1996 and whose flagship show “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show”, is nationally syndicated. Duran said Britney’s music only made sense during coronavirus when listeners were looking for classic songs.

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