Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 9 Preview & Photos of “A Prueba de Balas”

Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 9

Boaz sells to the black market after kidnapping Kelly Anne in the previous episode. At the end by her own effort, Kelly gets to Anne Pote, and baby is fine. Teresa makes a big decision Pote and Kelly sends Anne away. James and Teresa have another enemy Kostya coming towards them and Oksana dies in this episode. What will happen next? There are only two episodes left after tonight’s episode. The next episode 9, titled “A Prueba de Balas” which is going to be special, in the pre-finale episode, threatens Teresa. On the other hand, Teresa’s feelings for James are brewing. The promo of this episode has been released which you can see below.


Queen Of The South Season 5 Episode 10: “El Final” Teresa is alive or dead ?? (Series Finale)

Queen of the South Episode 509 Synopsis: Pote and Kelly Anne adapt to suburban life; Teresa and James are forced to go after Kostya. The penultimate episode will release on June 2 on the USA Network at 10/9c. 

Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 9 Photos (UPDATED)

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