Proximity Movie 2020 – Watch-At-Home on May 15

Proximity Movie 2020 - Watch-At-Home on May 15

Writer-director Eric Demeusy has crafted an impressive career in visual effects, his credits include Stranger Things, Game of Thrones and Tron: Legacy and as expected, Proximitys visual effects are superb. A slick UFO thriller with an out-of-this-world twist – a must watch!

PROXIMITY 2020 hits VOD and Digital for Watch-At-Home on May 15 through the following platforms: AppleTV, Amazon, VUDU, GooglePlay, PlayStation®, XBOX, hoopla, Fandango Now, DirecTV, Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, Charter, and AT&T U-verse.

It stars Ryan Masson (Good Girls, Feral), Highdee Kuan (You, This Is Us), Shaw Jones (Blue, Diwa), Christian Prentice (Mank), and Don Scribner (The Guide). Official Site: Proximity Movie 

Plot:  Earth is in danger and a loner named Isaac holds the key to unravelling the mystery that will expose the truth behind alien abduction. Once an unpopular cog in the machine of life; Isaac now finds himself a wanted man but also the only person that stands between human extinction at the hands of an extra-terrestrial threat.  An invasion is coming and human life as we know it is about to change forever.

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