Pose Series 3 Finale Recap Ends With a Heartbreaking Death of “PRAY”

Pose Series 3 Finale Recap

FX’s “Pose” was the only ballroom culture show on television that focused on a large number of transgender characters. Tonight (two hours) ended. The ballroom culture drama Pose was an emotional finale episode,  who gave heart-touching moments. The series finale of the poses is reminiscent of a real-life incident in October 1992, when demonstrators scattered the ashes of AIDS patients on the White House lawn. And finally, the show “Pose” left a powerful message for its fans to continue the inclusive work.

In Pose Season 3 Episode 7, Pray Tell and Blanca works hard on an AIDS test. Pray Tell (Billy Porter) and Ricky (Dylan Burnside) are reunited on the stronger side of the spectrum. Prarthana has been admitted to the hospital for fighting pneumonia. Prarthana and Ricky (Dyllón Burnside) spent more time together. When Ricky reveals his wound, Prarthana starts giving him her meds. While Ricky’s wound disappeared and his strength returned, Prarthana struggled. Meanwhile, Prarthana reveals her wish to Blanca.

On the other hand, a new cocktail of dr#gs was undergoing clinical trials. One of Blanca’s young, white male patients entered and got amazing results. The group held a peaceful protest in front of the hospital over the lack of access to new medicines for people of color. The police retaliated and acted on the protesters.

The doctor explains that Pray Tell does not have the immune system to counter the infection. So she packed up her materials for her AIDS quilt patch and starved herself to death.

Blanca spread some of his ashes on the mayor’s lawn. And as per the wish of the prayer, lockets of ashes were given to their friends to wear. This time there was no member in white.

This was followed by the finale in 1998, Blanca, who was once ill as a prayer but survived. Blanca is now a full nurse and is celebrating her fourth anniversary with Christopher. Judy (Sandra Bernhard) working in the maternity ward. Ange (Indya Moore)l had become a full-time mom but was considering a new modeling gig.

Electra paid for the surgery and made several charitable donations, while Lulu (Hailie Sahar) had a job as a tax accountant. Damon (Ryan Jamaal Swain) was in a new relationship and was teaching dance in Chicago.

Blanca, mother of many and now a grandmother. Represent and win the House of Evangelista at the balls with a new group of LGBTQ youth. Back in the ballroom for one final time, Ricky really follows in Pray’s footsteps as a mentor.

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