Poker Face Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: Who killed Ben/Gabriel?

It’s hard to believe that Poker Face has already been running for two weeks since it just premiered. The first four episodes of the drama set up a pattern that followed, but with modest variations in subsequent episodes. In each of three different American towns, Charlie Cale (Natasha Lyonne) meets a stranger Damian, George, and Gavin who ultimately dies while on the run from her wealthy casino employer. After using her skills as a “human lie detector” to solve the case, Charlie moves on to new adventures. In the four-part opener, the murders and mystery are extremely sharp. What happened in Poker Face episode 5 When Charlie meets Gabriel (Reed Birney), an ex-lover of Joyce Harris, and Wheelchair-bound Irene Smothers who is paralyzed below the waist. The riveting episode comes to a head with a shocking change of events, and if you’re interested, tvacute’ll explain everything in more detail.

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Poker Face Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

The episode starts with the presentation of Joyce and Irene, two residents of an elderly care facility known as Mossy Oakes who disobey the rules on a regular basis. Joyce and Irene love a unique connection to one another despite the fact that their fellow convicts despise them. In the course of their lives at the location, they become acquainted with a man named Ben Holmes, who is a newcomer to the location. They were rendered speechless upon seeing the elderly man and immediately set out to murder him. Irene sneaks to the lavatory, escapes via a window, and then makes her way to Ben’s room while the other residents of the home are getting ready to depart for the zoo. She then gives him an injection of sodium nitrate and removes the band from his heart-rate monitor so that he can wear a new one. She departs the room, climbs down the wall, and then returns to the other prisoners once she is certain that Ben has been dead.

Irene and Joyce are taking a leisurely stroll through the zoo when they come across a quiet nook. To serve as a warning, Joyce uses a taser to deliver a shock to Irene, who is wearing Ben’s band. Ben is discovered to be deceased by the home’s custodians, despite their best efforts to revive him using a cardiologist. They came to the conclusion that he passed away from a heart attack.  While everything is going on, Charlie has already developed a relationship with Irene and Joyce. Charlie is able to conclude that Gabriel did not pass away from a heart attack but rather as a result of human action. She finds out from them that they were members of a cult that revolted against Richard Nixon and that Gabriel was the leader of the cult. Because of their actions, the two individuals were apprehended and sentenced to lengthy prison terms in the end.

Irene and Joyce arrive back from the zoo, and when they do, they put Ben’s actual band on the desk, and then they grab the band that he was carrying inside of him before the fellow band murdered him. Charlie discovers that the elderly man is in fact Gabriel as he is there to attend the burial of Ben. Charlie’s uncle Ben’s nephew confesses to her that he is an FBI agent by the name of Luca Clark (Simon Helberg) and that he was watching over Gabriel, who is under the protection of the federal government as part of their witness protection program. When Charlie sees Ben’s picture, he immediately fits the pieces together. Ben is Gabriel. Luca is taken aback when he learns that Charlie has figured it out, and she on to tell him that he was Irene and Joyce’s former love interest. Luca finds out through Charlie that the two are residing in the same retirement community, which prompts him to question both of them further.

Armed with this information, the FBI raids the senior center and arrests the residents. As time goes by, it becomes clear that they have a solid alibi and so cannot be murderers. Charlie is warned by Luca to stay away from Irene and Joyce since they are terrorists. Charlie initially dismisses this as ridiculous, but he soon finds himself surrounded by evidence to the contrary. Two were both members of a group that had the intention of killing wealthy high school students by detonating a bomb at a simulated United Nations meeting. Despite the fact that we were aware that these women were murderers from the beginning. Charlie is confronted by the murderers. She inquires as to whether or not they murdered Ben, but they refuse to respond because they are suspicious that she is wired. After that, Charlie gets to work on her inquiry. She learns that Ben Homeless was killed by sodium nitrate poisoning and that the gardener was the one who supplied Joyce with the untraceable ingredient that was used in gardening.  When Charlie tells Luca, he needs to see more proof. Ben’s death provides the women with an unshakeable narrative. While the two old flames were apart doing other things, Charlie posits the possibility that the women lied about their deaths. Thankfully, a detector was able to convince Joyce and Irene to admit to killing Gabriel and Betty (K Callan), two of their fellow retirement home residents.

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