Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? Who is Michael Patti? And Where is he Now?

The cola wars were in full swing in 1996. The second-place brand Pepsi decided to launch its biggest campaign ever, called Pepsi Stuff, which featured a soon-to-be infamous commercial suggesting that if you just bought enough of their products, you could use “Pepsi Points” to purchase sunglasses, leather jackets, and maybe even a Harrier jet? Despite Pepsi’s celebrity-filled advertisements, Coke still held the larger market share. College student John Leonard took the Pepsi executives’ assumption that the military plane’s excessive “price” was a joke as a challenge and decided to call them on it. Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? is a documentary web series produced by Netflix that tells the story of the disaster that occurred when Pepsi launched an innovative advertising campaign in the mid-’90s. College student John Leonard took the Pepsi executives’ assumption that the military plane’s excessive “price” was a joke as a challenge and decided to call them on it. As a result, the show includes interviews with a variety of persons involved, including Michael Patti, the mastermind behind the original advertisement. Therefore, if you are curious about what took place and Where is Ex-Pepsi creative director Now, this is what know for certain.

Let’s first Learn Who is Michael Patti?

At the time of the event, which occurred more than 25 years ago, Michael was working as an account executive for the advertising firm BBDO Worldwide, and his client was Pepsi. The initial concept was for consumers to purchase Pepsi products in order to amass points, which they could then redeem for a variety of other items, such as a t-shirt or a leather jacket. As a result, Michael and his creative partner, Don Schneider, came up with a cunning advertising strategy to get the word out about this. During the presentation, Michael discussed how, as a youngster, he was mesmerised by the Christmas catalogue for Neiman Marcus, which had a fantasy gift section with the most outlandish things one could imagine. And it was for this reason that he and Don came up with something like for their advertisement. As a consequence of this, the promotional piece concluded with the assertion that accumulating a total of seven million Pepsi points would result in the recipient being awarded a Harrier combat plane. 

John Leonard, who was 21 years old at the time, was able to figure out a way to successfully collect the seven million points and determined that it would cost him somewhere in the neighbourhood of $700,000. This was a significant amount less than the value of the aircraft, which was somewhere in the neighbourhood of $33 million. When Michael found out about it for the first time, he wished for it to go away completely since he did not want it to have an effect on his profession or his reputation. He had high hopes that the business would reach a settlement with John, but the legal dispute continued to escalate, attracting the attention of the media all the way up to the point where Pepsi was awarded a summary judgement in its favour several years later. Michael noted on the podcast that shortly after John put in the check asking for the Harrier jet, the organisation insisted that he adjust the amount on the ad from seven million to seven hundred million. This was after John had already sent in the check requesting for the plane. According to him, they also wanted him to bracket the phrase “just kidding,” which he interpreted as an open and shut admission of guilt. Later on, he disclosed the fact that the Harrier’s price was initially set at 700 million dollars in the first idea for the advertisement that they had developed to demonstrate that it was unachievable. On the other hand, according to the rumour, one of the customers had requested that he modify it to seven so that it would be simpler to read.

Where is Ex-Pepsi Creative Director Michael Patti Now?

In the end, Michael realised that he too would have been pleased if he had discovered anything like to this when he was John’s age. Concerning his work life, we need to make it clear that he enjoyed a great deal of success as an advertising executive in the 1990s and early 2000s. Before finally beginning his career at BBDO in New York, he received his education at the School of Visual Arts in New York. There, he worked his way through the ranks to become a senior executive creative director after having previously served as vice chairman and executive creative director. Michael started working with Y&R Advertising in 2003, where he eventually became the chairman of the New York office as well as the worldwide creative director. After some time, he was given the position of vice chairman of the board at the corporation.

After a difficult stint, Michael Patti, a well-liked creative executive on Madison Avenue, left Y&R Advertising under the ownership of WPP Group PLC. Known for creating vibrant Pepsi advertisements at BBDO, a division of Omnicom Group, Mr Patti joined Y&R in 2003. However, Mike Dolan, the CEO who hired Mr Patti, left the company not long after he was hired. Mr. Patti, who was regarded as a passionate creative genius, occasionally had disagreements with Y&R executives and customers, according to former and current officials at the advertising agency. Mr Patti served as Y&R’s vice chairman and global creative director.

In spite of this, he parted ways with the company in 2007 following a tumultuous career during which he frequently found himself in disagreement with both clients and management. It was said that Michael’s separation agreement included a “hefty” severance payout. Throughout the course of his successful career, Michael worked on advertising campaigns for a variety of corporations, including Chevron, GE, HBO, Pepsi and Sony amongst others. Because of his work with Don on an advertisement for HBO, the two of them were even considered for an Emmy in the year 1997. In addition, they were awarded a Grammy in the year 1996 for the writing of a Beatles video. In addition to that, Michael’s work for Pepsi earned him a total of 12 Lions at the International Advertstival held in Cannes. In addition to that, he is the recipient of a number of other advertising honours. However, his present professional position is unknown, which is a very unfortunate situation. On the other hand, it would seem that he resides in New York and spends his free time working on a farm. Todd Hoffman has been fighting cancer since the fall of 2021 and is retired. He will spend the next five weeks in India travelling, exploring, and having adventures. With his wife, two children, and an additional kid on the way, Leonard currently resides in Washington, DC. He is in charge of emergency response and law enforcement for the National Park Service.

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