Outlast Season 1: Who won $1 million cash prize?

In the new Netflix survival competition series Outlast, the contestants compete despite the harsh conditions of Alaska’s wilds, including subzero weather, hunger, and dangerous wildlife. The greatest danger comes from other people like yourself. There are a total of 16 of them; contestants who were dropped off in a desolate area of Alaska and given the objective of simply staying alive. These individuals, who start out with nothing more than the clothing on their backs, are split into four groups of four and compete for a $1 million reward by remaining the last group standing.

Based on the formula of popular reality series like Alone and Survivor, Outlast’s first season (airing this Friday, March 10) puts its contestants through such intense pressure that some of them turn on one other with a primal rage that puts everyone in grave danger. It’s a crazy sociological experiment in which everyone is so focused on winning that they let their better judgment go out the window in exchange for the collective avarice of a million-dollar payout.  (tvacute.com) Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of Outlast Season 1, and Who won $1 million cash prize?

What happened in Outlast Season 1?

Outlast is similar to another show, History Channel’s massively successful Alone, but it subverts the show’s central premise by having its 16 survivalists work in fours instead of twos. Team Charlie, with members Nick Radner, Seth Lueker, and Paul Preece, and Team Alpha, with members Amber Asay and Jill Ashock, were the only two teams left standing by the end of the season. The “lone wolves” who weren’t briefed on the team dynamic must now survive in the harsh Alaskan wilderness with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, the will to win, and the company of the strangers who were just minutes ago their teammates. While there is no mechanism to vote someone out of the competition, those who choose to quit will do so publicly by launching a flare pistol into the valley where the series is being hosted to signify their departure. The sole requirement for success is that participants work together as a team.

Sixteen candidates were selected to endure the icy Alaskan jungle for the duration of the show while still contributing to the group effort. The last task required the two team members to independently reach a predetermined location on the map. Team Charlie had to ford multiple rivers in order to win the first season of Outlast, and this proved to be a very challenging task. Paul walked quite quickly at first, but eventually slowed down. The men let him unwind for a while before taking off for their vacation with a million dollars in cash. Due to their proximity to the shoreline after following the jungle path, Jill and Amber were able to spot the package. In any case, they were too slow to retrieve the gift in time. Achieving their goal brought the men much joy. Paul claimed that he prayed to God daily for guidance. Jokingly, Seth said he might use the money to start a family and get out of debt.
Nick read a heartfelt letter from one of the show’s producers, in which the man thanked his sister for providing him with the financial means to travel to Alaska and expressed his gratitude for the company she had offered. He stated he kept thinking about her for the entire 36 days. The boys waved farewell to the runners-up as they left the Alaskan forests in a private aircraft. By a razor-thin margin, Jill and Amber came in second place. When they first set out, they took a wrong turn and ended up at the wrong lake. As they realized their mistake, they turned around and came out of the forest again. Charlie’s group, however, continued along the shore and eventually found the artifact first.
Amber was devastated by the outcome and claimed the underdogs should have taken home the Outlast trophy. Jill was similarly perplexed since she believed the Universe was predicting they would triumph. She went on to explain that 20 years from now, if she were asked the same question, Amber would still be the one she chose to be on her team. Although no one could be removed, the rules of Outlast stipulated that each “lone wolf” must stick together in teams; if they were rejected by their pack and ran out of supplies, they were forced to self-eliminate. After being cornered by wild creatures, they were forced to endure Alaska’s severe winter.

Outlast Season 1: Who won the $1 million cash prize?

Season 1 of Outlast comes to a close with Charlie Camp and Alpha Camp as the final two teams standing. In the conclusion, only Amber and Jill remain on Alpha, while Seth, Nick, and Paul make up Charlie. Only days after Amber’s arrival, Andrea fell ill and had to leave the program. Once Tim and Corey were unable to endure the freezing conditions any longer, they abruptly departed the show. Shortly after Lee left camp, Jordan passed out from starvation, and they had to be rescued from the bush together. Brian left the program because he was disgusted by the actions of his fellow campers on team Alpha, who had stolen from the Delta squad. Both Dawn and Joel eventually dropped out of the tournament for the same reason. Once the rest of his team deserted, Javier tried to join Charlie’s side but was turned away.
An intestinal blockage forced Angie to leave the Charlie team, where she had been contributing. Charlie has been insistent from the start that he wants to play a clean game, thus the fact that Justin sabotaged Jill and Amber’s shelter on the way out was a deal breaker for him. Once Justin fired his flare and quit the competition, they went their separate ways. In the end, Amber and Jill face off against Seth, Nick, and Paul as they race across an obstacle course to the last drop-off and the $1 million reward. In the end, Charlie Camp triumphs, giving the three male protagonists a victory over Amber and Jill.

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