On Yellowjackets, who is Adam, Really? Let’s have a look at the theories.

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Yellowjackets, a Showtime coming-of-age horror thriller about a gang of teen girls forced to survive in the wilderness after their plane crashes, is riddled with riddles. The show jumps between the aftermath of the disaster and 25 years afterward, posing numerous key concerns. Who is teased early on a girl who the team kills and cannibalizes?  In ‘Yellowjackets,’ does Adam (Peter Gadiot) have nefarious motivations for getting to know Shauna?

The identity of Adam, Shauna’s very own Manic Pixie Dream Boy, is the biggest Yellowjackets mystery. You know what I’m talking about if you, like me, are completely obsessed with this series about soccer players who go savage in the woods and then try to live normal lives years later. Something is wrong with this guy, and his cute act isn’t going to keep it hidden for much longer. Is it possible that he’s a young Javi? That is the one who is blackmailing the team? Is it just a random stalker? On Yellowjackets, Every theory About Who Adam Is.

(tvacute.com) We’re hopeful that because that question was asked at the end of Episode 8 and the season is winding down (though the Showtime drama has been renewed), we’ll receive answers shortly. So, while we wait, let’s review everything we know about Adam and speculate on who he might be.

How Shauna and Adam Met… and Stayed Together

Shauna rear-ended Adam in Episode 2 and attempted to blame him at first. He didn’t want to engage their insurances (to be kind or for some other, malicious reason?) but she didn’t appreciate his attempt to “be charming.” He even offered her the phone number of a body shop where she could get her car fixed. He claimed to know a man who owed him a favor, and it turned out to be him. In fact, in exchange for dinner, he volunteered to do the labor for free.

Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) followed Jeff to a hotel the next episode to validate her suspicions that he was cheating, and Adam just happened to be there “for a drink,” as he claimed. “Down the street from my studio is a bar that serves a traditional martini.” He persuaded her to join him for a drink. We couldn’t help but wonder about his “we are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be” statement. He spoke a little about his past — he goes where the work takes him — and we couldn’t help but wonder about his “we are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.” (Is he playing games with Shauna?) Or was that just a reference to how she’s acting around everyone?) Shauna escorted Adam to a hotel room after witnessing Jeff with a lady.

The Relationship Began

Shauna asked Adam to join her in making up for her wasted youth in the fourth episode, but she evaded his queries about missing out on the iconic high school experience. She joined him at a raucous party in the next episode (under the pretense of going to book club). He said it was just like any other weekend at Pratt. Shauna ran met her daughter, Callie (Sarah Desjardins), at the party, and she discovered the affair.

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Shauna said that Adam was unaware of Callie’s Yellowjackets history, and Callie scoffed. “Is he familiar with your name?” Is he connected to the internet?” Callie was the one who inquired. (The entire world is aware of the disaster; they simply do not know what transpired in the woods, as portrayed in the flashbacks.)

The surviving Yellowjackets dropped off the $50,000 for the individual blackmailing them about their secrets in Episode 7, and that person became engulfed in glitter during the chase before fleeing. Adam was waiting for Shauna when she arrived home, interrogating her about what was truly going on between them. She ended up putting him to bed, which meant that when Jeff returned home, she had to conceal him in the closet until he could go without her husband noticing.

Adam: Do You Have Any Suspicions?

However, after attempting to locate Adam online in Episode 8, Callie questioned Shauna again about Adam; as an artist, shouldn’t he have a website, an Instagram account, or something? “Everything, except your boyfriend, is on the internet,” Callie countered. “What if he’s playing you for a fool, Mom?” So he can turn around and sell the story, he’s sleeping with a Yellowjacket. Who the f**k knows what he’s after?”


Though Shauna defended him, she did investigate him and discovered that he had not attended Pratt as he said. He stated that he was only trying to impress her, but that “the rest of it, us, it’s true.” He offered to take her to a friend’s cabin for the weekend and be an open book. But when Shauna returns home, she discovers glitter in her closet, similar to what the blackmailer had found. The safe was also empty. She challenged him with the question, “Who the f**k are you?”

What Is Adam’s True Identity?

When Episode 9 begins, hopefully, Adam is going to tell Shauna (and us) the truth. But for the time being, let us conjecture.

Is Adam the extortionist?

That glitter is suspicious, and Shauna, Jeff, Callie, and Adam appear to be the only four people who could have picked up the money and then dropped the glitter in Shauna’s closet. Is it, however, too evident that it’s Adam? Shouldn’t Shauna be concerned about who else has obtained access to her home?

Is Adam a reporter attempting to learn more about the Yellowjackets?

Everything is on the internet, as Callie pointed out. Perhaps he took advantage of the fact that one of the women rear-ended him — or created the situation himself — and that’s why he’s been a little aggressive with Shauna.

Is Adam linked to the Yellowjackets in any way? Since we haven’t seen Javi (Luciano Leroux) as an adult, could he be him? In Episode 4, a flashback to a conversation between Shauna and Javi led to Shauna remembering having sex with Adam. Is it possible that he knows one of the Yellowjackets, whether it’s someone who survived or died in the wilderness?

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The compelling dramatization delves into what happened 25 years ago when a high-school soccer team’s plane crashed, events that the survivors desire to remain hidden.

Or maybe Adam is just a regular guy who got rear-ended by the wrong woman and got caught up in all the chaos, and this is the end of Adam and Shauna’s romance.

Travis’s son is Adam.

He could be the son of Travis and Natalie. He could even be the son of Travis and Jackie. Isn’t there an atmosphere brewing there? Shauna’s past with Jackie must resurface in some way, and this would be a fun twist.

To be completely honest, I don’t believe he is anyone’s son. Adam is “younger,” according to Shauna, but I don’t believe he is. Jackie, on the other hand, is my favorite possibility if he is anyone’s son. Remember when Shauna, then a teen, informed Jeff that she would raise their child to hunt him down and kill him as a form of revenge? If Jackie did it to her, it would be quite ironic.

Jackie Is Adam

Adam is a trans man and Shauna’s former closest friend, according to one of the craziest hypotheses circulating on Twitter. That would be a surprising twist, but it doesn’t make sense given Adam’s age difference from Shauna and the fact that he doesn’t look anything like Jackie.

The next two episodes will disclose — if not bring us closer to — the truth about Adam, but there’s one idea that Melanie Lynsky, who plays Shauna, says fans haven’t found out yet. “Yes, I’ve read your Adam hypotheses,” she wrote, “and just so you all know, there’s one that no one has suggested yet.” “I’m both surprised and unsurprised!”

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