Next Week Promo of Motherland Fort Salem Episode 3 “A Biddy’s Life”

**Season Finale** Motherland Fort Salem Episode 10 -
**Season Finale** Motherland Fort Salem Episode 10 - "Witchbomb" Promo

“A Biddy’s Life” is the title of the April 1 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT) of Freeform new series Motherland Fort Salem Episode 3,  check out promo and synopsis below
Prom of the Motherland Fort Salem Episode 3

 Fort Salem excitedly greets male visitors on the eve of Beltane, but Raelle and Scylla’s budding romance is interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious man from Scylla’s past. One of the male witches catches Tally’s eye, but she is unsure of how to proceed. Meanwhile, Alder attempts to convince the Hague, an international military council of witches, to follow her strategy against the Spree and is startled by the news of an escalating humanitarian crisis in the Tarim Basin.

Motherland Fort Salem Season 1 Cast

Taylor Hickson as Raelle
Jessica Sutton as Tally
Ashley Nicole Williams as Abigail Bellweather
Amalia Holm as Scylla
Demetria McKinney as Anacostia, a drill sergeant

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