Next on Batwoman Season 1 Episode 15 – Guest Star John Emmet Tracy

Batwoman Season 1 Episode 15

The CW has released a promo and images for this coming Sunday’s fifteenth episode of Batwoman season 1, entitled ‘Off With Her Head’ which is directed by Holly Dale and written by Natalie Abrams, Take a look below… Promo

Here’s everything to know about Batwoman ’s next episode 15, including synopsis.

Episode 15 “Off With Her Head” will air on March 15 at 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET.

MOMMY DEAREST – More of Alice’s (Rachel Skarsten) dark past is uncovered when Cartwright (guest star John Emmet Tracy) shares a twisted story with Kate (Ruby Rose) while Jacob (Dougray Scott) goes searching for his wayward daughter. Mary (Nicole Kang) and Luke (Camrus Johnson) follow a lead on Beth’s killer.