Never Have I Ever Season 4 Finale Recap: Do Devi and Ben end up together?

In the finale episode of Never Have I Ever Season 4, we see the characters facing new challenges and navigating their relationships. As the school year comes to a close, Devi Vishwakumar, Paxton, and Ben Gross must make important decisions about their futures. Meanwhile, Eleanor (Ramona Young) and Fabiola Torres (Lee Rodriguez) deal with the aftermath of their recent breakups. Meanwhile, Pati’s wedding preparations are in full swing, adding to Devi’s already mounting stress.  ( Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of ‘Never Have I Ever Season 4 Episode 10.

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Never Have I Ever Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

As we approach the final episode of Never Have I Ever, Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) finds herself grappling with the idea of a life without Ben (Jaren Lewison) and her family, who are now far away from college. As the episode starts, John McEnroe takes the lead and narrates the details of Devi’s attire, the car she drove, and the lunch she consumed on the day she received the life-changing email confirming her acceptance into Princeton.

As Ben roams the halls, he unexpectedly runs into Devi. She delivers some exciting news – Princeton has accepted her! Overcome with joy, they embrace in a warm and heartfelt hug. Devi suggests a summer celebration, but he drops the bomb that he’s headed to New York City for an internship shortly after the end of high school. As Devi basked in the glory of her Princeton acceptance, she couldn’t help but notice Ben slowly slipping away from her grasp. As the summer fades away, we find ourselves just one week away from Devi’s departure for college. However, things are about to get even more hectic as Pati has scheduled her wedding for that very same week.

In a dramatic turn of events, two relationships were confirmed as the season fast-forwarded through finishing school and the summer months. In this scene, Nalini and Andres share a romantic kiss at the wedding, indicating that their relationship is still going strong. Additionally, we learn that Paxton and Ms. Thompson are an item as they make a public announcement about their relationship at the same event. Pati’s wedding is a sight to behold, with every detail executed flawlessly. The festivities are a roaring success, with guests reveling in the joyous atmosphere.

In a heartwarming gesture, Pati gave Devi permission for inviting her friends to attend her marriage. Devi is determined to make their final moments together the most unforgettable experience of their lives. But little did she know, her mother had a surprise in store for her – a reunion with all of her long-lost relatives. As each character chimes in, they begin to plant seeds of uncertainty in her mind about college. Pati gave Nalini a final nudge about Devi’s packing, prompting Nalini to realize she was being too hard on her daughter. She then went upstairs to assist Devi with her packing. In this scene, Kamala and Devi reunite at their marriage ceremony and take to the stage for a traditional Indian dance for Pati.

The episode ends with a montage showing the characters’ futures. We see our beloved Sherman Oaks family, as John McEnroe narrates where each member is currently at in their life. Nalini and Andres relish each other’s companionship. Meanwhile, Fabiola finds herself amidst her robotics group at Howard. In this scene, we find Eleanor reunited with her college buddies Trent (Benjamin Norris)  and Paxton on the set of a movie.

Never Have I Ever Season 4: Do Devi and Ben end up together?

In the Season 4 finale episode titled “…said goodbye” of “Never Have I Ever,” Devi and Bendo end up together. After Devi receives the email that she has been accepted into Princeton, she shares the news with Ben at school, and they share a hug to celebrate. However, Devi realizes that Ben will be leaving for a New York internship after graduation, and she feels like he is slipping away. Pati’s wedding takes place during the same week that Devi is preparing to leave for college. She wants to make the most of her time with her friends before they part ways.

As Devi and her friends engage in a game of Never Have I Ever, she utters the words, “Never Have I Ever slept with,” when suddenly, Ben makes a grand entrance. He had been spending time with his buddies but had an epiphany that he had to rush over and confess his love to Devi. Devi reciprocates his feelings and they exit the wedding venue hand in hand, ready to take their love to the next level at his place. The next day, they both decided to take a chance on dating.

At home, her mom eagerly anticipates her getting ready, but to her surprise, she finds her daughter already downstairs, ready to pack up the car. As she prepares to depart, she makes her way back upstairs to offer a final prayer to the Hindu deities. She expresses her gratitude towards them for being her support system during difficult times and for taking care of her mother in her absence.  The series concludes with Ben and Devi lying in bed together, watching a movie. So, Devi and Ben do end up together in the finale, solidifying their relationship as they navigate their futures.

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