Netflix’s The Last Word Premiere on September 17 – Starring Anke Engelke,Thorsten Merten

The Last Word Premiere on September 17 - Starring Anke Engelke

Death does not have The Last Word! The Last Word

Exclusive Premiere on Netflix worldwide on September 17th

Netflix just announced that it will release the premiere episode of an original series called  Series the last word on September 17. A heart touching comedy Drama The Last Word that makes you laugh and cry about family, new beginnings, and dealing with death and grief. Aron Lehmann has directed the first half episode and Pola Beck directed the remaining episodes. Watch ‘The Last Word’ German Trailer below.

Netflix Original Series The Last Word stars Anke Engelke and Thorsten Merten. Other cast members include Nina Gummich, Johannes Zeiler, Aaron Hilmer, Claudia Geisler-Bading, Gudrun Ritter and Juri Winkler and many more.

The German Netflix series will be a six-part dramedy that based on the idea by Thorsten Merten, tells the story of Karla Fazius (Anke Engelke), a woman who tries to overcome the sudden death of her husband. Longing, fear, anger, speechlessness – Karla doesn’t find her own voice until the day of the funeral.

There and then she decides to become a eulogist. Together with the owner of a funeral home Andreas Borowski (Thorsten Merten), she assists those dealing with loss and accompanies them on their individual paths to bid their final farewell.

Authors and showrunners are  Aron Lehmann and Carlos V. Irmscher and Produced by PANTALEON Films GmbH, executive producers are Daniel Sonnabend and Dan Maag.

Executive producer Daniel Sonnabend on the development of the series:

“”Subject: death. Target group: everybody.’ This slogan was written on a short presentation paper because I realized that every person I discussed this topic with, was able to relate and contribute their own experiences to the conversation. These sorts of stories exist everywhere.”

Showrunner, author and director Aron Lehmann:

“Grief is a chaotic process. There is no right or wrong. It’s different for every person. In the same way, death rarely comes at the right time. Nor do we suddenly begin to behave appropriately and with dignity when someone dies or we trust. It’s quite the opposite. Even in the saddest moments, there is a comedy in our lives. Even if we don’t feel like laughing.”

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