Netflix’s My best friend Anne Frank – Who is Hannah Goslar-Pick? Where is Now?

Netflix's My best friend Anne Frank

The new Netflix filmMy Best Friend Anne Frank,” tells the narrative of Hanneli Goslar’s friendship with Anne Frank, and it is narrated from Goslar’s point of view. It is the first Dutch cinematic adaptation of Anne Frank’s life. Ben Sombogaart, a well-known Dutch director, filmed My Best Friend Anne Frank, which was originally titled Mijn beste vriendin Anne Frank in Dutch. Marian Batavier and Paul Ruven wrote the screenplay. It is based on Alison Leslie Gold’s memoir Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of a Childhood Friend.

Hannah’s incredible narrative, and how it intersects with Anne’s, is now the subject of a new Netflix film. Hannah is played by Josephine Arendsen, and Anne is played by Aiko Beemsterboer in the film My Best Friend Anne Frank. It focuses on their childhood in Europe under the looming shadow of Nazi occupation. My Best Friend Anne Frank releases on Feb. 1, 2022, on Netflix. and 4 February 2021 (Netherlands). Hannah managed to survive World War II despite Anne’s terrible death, and her story is now the subject of a new Netflix film titled My Best Friend Anne Frank. So, where are Hannah these days? Continue reading to learn more about the survivor “Hanneli” Pick-Goslar’s current life.

Who is Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was born in 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Margot, Anne’s older sister, It was a time of great unemployment and hardship in Germany, and Adolf Hitler’s party was gaining strength. Hitler despised Jews and blamed them for the country’s ills. He exploited prevalent antisemitism in Germany. Otto and Edith Frank moved to Amsterdam because of anti-Semitism and poverty. Otto started a company that sold pectin, a gelling component for jam. During the Nazi conquest of the Netherlands in 1942, Jewish Anne Frank hid from the Nazis. Anne’s father began preparing a hiding spot in the annex of his shop in the spring of 1942. Former coworkers aided him. Anne got a diary for her thirteenth birthday, just before they went into hiding. Annette wrote about the Secret Annex and her experiences and thoughts throughout her two years in concealment. She was discovered two years later. She perished in the concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen in 1945.

Hannah Goslar-Pick and Anne Frank

Who is Hannah Goslar-Pick?

Hannah Elisabeth “Hanneli” Pick-Goslar (born November 12, 1928) is a former nurse who is well known for her acquaintance with Anne Frank, the diarist. Hannah and Anne went to Amsterdam’s 6th Montessori School, which was named after Anne Frank in 1957, and later the Jewish Lyceum. She now resides in Jerusalem.

When Anne relocated to Amsterdam, Hannah and Anne instantly became friends. The two girls were classmates and neighbors who enjoyed hopscotch, ping pong, and gossip. The two daughters were separated in July 1942, and their families were forced to flee the Nazis.

The Goslar-Picks fled to Holland but the Franks stayed in Amsterdam, where Anne wrote her famous diary. Unfortunately, both families were eventually apprehended and deported to Bergen-Belsen, a Nazi concentration camp.

How did Hannah Goslar-Pick risk her life to help Anne Frank escape?

Hannah chose to risk her life to help her friend from home when the two girls found they were on opposite sides of the barbed wire fence in the same camp. Hannah put together a package containing a sock, dried prunes, and bread, knowing well well that if she was detected, she would be slain. Hannah threw it over the fence as the girls met at the fence. Unfortunately, it was intercepted and stolen by another prisoner. Hannah, on the other hand, was unfazed. Shortly later, the determined adolescent put her life on the line again to accomplish the same thing. She was successful in delivering Anne’s care package this time.

How did Anne Frank die?

Anne was placed on transit once more in early November 1944. With Margot, she was sent to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Their parents were forced to remain in Auschwitz. In Bergen-Belsen, the situation was far worse. Anne and Margot were infected with typhus. They both perished as a result of its consequences in February 1945, Margot first and Anne shortly after. Bergen-Belsen was liberated by allied forces only a few weeks later. When the camp fell, Hannah was freed.

What happened to Hannah Goslar-Pick? Where is Now?

The now 93-year-old, who lives in Jerusalem, remembers Anne fondly from her childhood. She teaches a new generation the lessons she acquired during those painful, yet important years. Hannah is an international peace activist who speaks about what happened to her during the Holocaust in schools and public events all over the world.

Hannah Goslar-Pick is alive

Hannah has spoken at length about her experiences during the Holocaust in the decades since it occurred, even contributing to the writing of several books on it. During a lengthy interview with Scholastic, she said, “People should know about the cruelty — it was unnecessary,” she told Scholastic. “It’s important to understand what happened so it doesn’t happen again … I always say that the only thing Anne Frank did was that she was born Jewish, and for that, she had to die. She could’ve given a lot to mankind.”

How did Anne’s diary become famous globally?

the Secret Annex.

Only Anne’s father, Otto Frank, escaped the deportation to extermination camps. he was deeply influenced by Anne’s writing. He discovered that Anne aspired to be a writer or journalist and that she planned to publish her memoirs of life in the Secret Annex. Friends persuaded Otto to publish the diary, and 3,000 copies of Het Achterhuis were printed in June 1947. Not only that but the book was adapted for theatre and television in roughly 70 languages. The story of Anne Frank spread worldwide, and in 1960 the hiding spot became a museum, the Anne Frank House. Otto remained connected with the Anne Frank House and Museum until his death in 1980, hoping that readers of the diary would become aware of the perils of prejudice, racism, and anti-Semitism.

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