Netflix New Anthology Series ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ Cast Sienna Miller and Michelle Dockery

The creator of HBO’s Big Little Lies David E. Kelley’s new an anthology series Anatomy of a Scandal has got a greenlit from Netflix. The first season will be based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Sarah Vaughan. There are total nos of six episodes and each episode will be one hour.

Anatomy of a Scandal Cast

Sienna Miller and Michelle Dockery are the main lead role, but No one knows who one of them plays Sophie and who one is Kate.

Anatomy of a Scandal Release Date

There is no release date confirmed but Netflix can suppose Anatomy of a Scandal might be released on Netflix in Summer/Fall 2021.

Anatomy of a Scandal About

The series follows the story of two women and one man caught up in a very ugly public scandal. James, a high-ranking Westminster politician stands accused of rape, but his wife Sophie believes he is innocent. Kate is the barrister prosecuting the case and she is convinced James is guilty and must pay for his crime. Not everything is crystal clear in this court case and that complicates things for everyone.

Showrunner: Melissa James Gibson

Production: Shepperton Studios, UK.

Anatomy of a Scandal Novel by Sarah Vaughan


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