Netflix Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Movie: Ending Explained!

mr harrigams phone ending-

Based on Stephen King’s novella of the same name from the collection If It Bleeds, John Lee Hancock created the American horror movie Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, which he also wrote and directed. Donald Sutherland, Jaeden Martell, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Joe Tippett, Cyrus Arnold, and Carl Zohan all appear in the movie. The story of the movie centers on Craig, a young boy from a small village who becomes friends with Mr. Harrigan, an elderly, reclusive billionaire. The two become friends over books and an iPhone, but after the man dies, the youngster learns that not everything that is dead is truly gone. He then discovers that he can contact his friend from the afterlife via the iPhone that was buried with him. What takes place when a youngster makes friends with a billionaire who lives alone and gives him an iPhone? For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in Netflix Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Movie continue reading at

What happened on Netflix Mr. Harrigan’s Phone?

Netflix Mr. Harrigan’s phone call begins with Jaeden Martell playing Craig’s voiceover telling about his Small Village Harlow and how he met Mr. Harrigan at church. He is paid three times per week to read aloud books to a reclusive billionaire named Mr. Harrigan. Mr. Harrigan hires Craig as a service since, given his advanced age, he can no longer rely on his sight to read. Craig still reads to Mr. Harrigan five years later, even though he is now a teenager and goes to a new school, which brings new problems. Having a phone is a big deal at his school, so Craig asks his father to buy him one so he can get closer to a girl he likes.

mr harrigams phone ending-

Craig won $3,000 from a Christmas ticket gift he received from Mr. Harrigan.   Later, Craig also buys Mr. Harrigan a phone. he refuses it,  But later it is accepted. At first, Mr. Harrigan is reluctant to bring new technology into his home, but he comes to realize that there are many benefits to it. In addition, as soon as the aforementioned phone is presented and Craig starts enlightening Mr. Harrigan on the wonders of the modern world.

Craig puts the phone in his pocket after Mr. Harrigan’s death. He’s buried with his phone. Craig has problems when Mr. Harrigan responds to his communication. Craig had been traumatized by his mother’s death. He left Mr. Harrigan’s phone there for emotional reasons. It was his only means to contact the man he liked. He kept his father at a remove when addressing his emotions, but not Mr. Harrigan. Craig still wanted to share anything with him after he died. Mr. Harrigan sends Craig his first letter. He receives a letter from Mr. Harrigan two months before his death the next day. At the letter’s end, Mr. Harrigan said he’d miss their afternoons together. Craig finds this disconcerting, but he dismisses it as a coincidence. Harrigan anticipated ending the letter as Craig had in their five-year friendship.

What was Mr. Harrigan trying to text Craig? Why did he Choose Craig?

mr harrigams phone ending-

Craig’s problems begin when Mr. Harrigan texts him. The phone is in Mr. Harrigan’s casket, and no one knows about it. Craig received three more texts from the dead man by the end of the film. When he thanks him for the money in the first voicemail, he hears “CCC aa.” After Kenny Yankovic dies, he receives the text “aa CCC x.” He receives one final SMS after requesting Mr. Harrigan kill Deane Whitmore. “CCC s T” This appears random, and there’s no clear reason. Craig tries to understand while contemplating Mr. Harrigan’s advice. He is immensely upset about having caused the deaths of two people, which may have been prevented if he hadn’t called Mr. Harrigan. He’s hidden these texts..

Throughout the movie, Craig gets scary texts from Mr. Harrigan’s phone. Most of the time, they are just a bunch of letters that look like gibberish. Craig doesn’t realize that Mr. Harrigan was trying to tell him to “stop” until the end of the movie. That’s why he sent “C-C-C” and then “S-T.” Mr. Harrigan may be doing it to show he’s watching out for Craig. He thinks that Mr. Harrigan is telling him to quit for good because Mr. Harrigan was the person he most wanted to hear it from. Mr. Harrigan chose Craig because he was lonely and wanted someone to talk to. At this point in his life, the older man also started to feel lonely. Because he never looked people in the eyes, he didn’t get too close to them. It’s clear at his funeral that he had no friends who cared about him. So, Mr. Harrigan gave him the job of going to see him three times a week and reading him books, both to help Craig and for himself.

What was in Mr. Harrigan’s secret room?

Craig never goes into one of the rooms in Mr. Harrigan’s house. The billionaire tells him it’s a room full of secrets the one time he asks about it. Craig doesn’t open the closet until Mr. Harrigan has died. Mr. Harrigan’s secrets turned out to be memories from his past. Craig finds photos of Mr. Harrigan’s parents and pictures of him as a child. He finds out that his mother died when he was a child. He knew what loneliness felt like as a kid, just like Craig. He went up to Craig when he was a kid at church and hired him because he felt like they were related.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Ending: Does Craig Keep His Phone or Throw It Away

mr harrigams phone ending

Mr. Harrigan had the power to change people’s lives for the rest of his life. He was kind and caring to people who were kind to him, but he was cruel and vengeful to people who hurt him. This was how he used his power, and it was part of what made him who he was. Craig finds out how to keep Mr. Harrigan’s promise after he has died. He had said he would “kill his enemies.” Craig didn’t know what it meant to “send” someone at the moment. When Kenny hits him, he fights back because he thinks that’s what it means. Despite disliking Kenny, he didn’t want him to die. Fearing he caused his classmate’s death, he puts down the phone. Then, though, his favorite teacher Ms. Hart dies, and the person who killed her doesn’t get punished. Craig is so angry about this that he puts Mr. Harrigan in the way of Mr. Harrigan on purpose. Even now, he doesn’t know if it will work, but as he learns more about what happened to Deane Whitmore, he realizes that it was all his fault.

mr harrigams phone ending-

After utilizing the phone to get Ms. Hart’s killer taken care of, Craig heads to the cemetery where his mom and Mr. Harrigan are buried. He apologizes to both of them and asks Mr. Harrigan if he wanted him to stop because Craig was hurting him or because Craig was hurting himself. Craig is upset by his own ideas. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that he is turning to the dark side. He is also upset about how his actions have ruined Mr. Harrigan’s reputation. He decides to finally get rid of the phone he used to talk to Mr. Harrigan. He throws his old phone in the lake. He also thinks about getting rid of his new phone, but since Mr. Harrigan can’t call him on it, it’s not as dangerous. So, he keeps his new phone and doesn’t think about Mr. Harrigan, hoping that he will finally find peace and won’t roll over in his grave because Craig is so attached to him.

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