Netflix’ He’s All That Release Date – Trailer – Cast – Review (Updated)

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This summer, Netflix is ​​bringing a slew of interesting releases, dating show Sexy Beasts, and a remake of 1999 classic She’s All That, titled He’s All That gender-swapped reboot to premiere on Netflix in late August. You’ve come to the right place to learn more about romantic, comedy, teen movies, He’s All That, knows everything you need to. Kourtney Kardashian will make a surprise appearance in the film and will star opposite TikTok sensation, Addison Rae.

When will ‘He’s All That’ be released on Netflix?

Directed by Mark Waters (“Mean Girls”) He’s All That is similar to She’s All That, which was released in 1999 and is slated to release on the Netflix streaming service on Friday, August 27, 2021.

What is the Story of He’s All That (2021)?

In a nutshell, it follows Padgett (Addison Rae), who accepts the courage to give Cameron (Tanner Buchanan), one of the school’s least popular boys, a makeover, so that he can be crowned king at the school’s prom. To be crowned. Padgett is prompted to do so after being publicly humiliated online as a way of vengeance against her ex-boyfriend. In contrast, the original 1999 film tried a variation on the least popular girl, not a boy, as in the reboot. According to Netflix, This movie is Swoonworthy, Charming and Romantic

Is there a trailer for He’s All That?

Yes, Netflix dropped its trailer on August 9. Looks very interesting to watch But we will have to wait till the film releases to know what actually happens.

Who is the Cast in He’s All That?

Addison Rae as Padgett Sawyer, Tanner Buchanan as Cameron Kweller, Madison Pettis as Alden, Rachael Leigh Cook as Mrs. Sawyer, Peyton Meyer as Jordan Van Draanen, Myra Molloy as Quinn.Isabella Crovetti as Brin Kweller, Annie Jacob as Nisha, Andrew Matarazzo as Logan, Vanessa Dubasso as Aniston, Brian Torres, Romel De Silva as Sebastian Woo
Dominic Goodman as Track, Ryan Hollis, Tiffany Simon, and Kourtney Kardashian.

He’s All That (2021) Review

He’s All That may be a flattened reflection of its predecessor, but both films are charming enough to get away with about one anal sex innuendo joke apiece. I’ll accept the birth of the She’s All That cinematic universe so as long as we someday get a spinoff sequel about what happened to Clea Duvall’s monied Goth tyrant. Review by THR

He’s All That does get points for not being too faithful – the update thankfully eschews some of the original’s most glaring flaws, namely: the objectification of women, fatphobia and, most egregiously, the playing of scumbag Dean’s (Paul Walker) sexual harassment of Laney for laughs. Review by theguardian

Buchanan tries his best with the material — written by R. Lee Fleming Jr., who also penned the original film — as do an array of supporting acts (Madison Pettis and Myra Molloy as Padgett’s friends, and Peyton Meyer as her ex). But some things just can’t be saved, not even by the nostalgic returns of “She’s All That” stars Cook and Matthew Lillard, who appear in small, unrelated roles. by washingtonpost 

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