[450th Episode] NCIS Season 20 Episode 15 Recap

The Simpsons and Law & Order, and now Special Victims Unit are the only prime-time shows to have made it over the 450-episode milestone, and now it’s the turn of the long-running military crime drama NCIS to celebrate the achievement. The investigation into the death of a ride-share driver may sound like an unremarkable case of the week, but the team will have assistance this time from Parker (Gary Cole) and Roman’s (Francis X. McCarthy) father, who is currently staying with the Supervisory Special Agent while he looks for Roman’s killer. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in the NCIS 450th Episode continue reading at tvacute.com.

NCIS Season 20 Episode 15 Recap

Sam Vega, a Petty Officer First Class, was discovered dead after what appeared to be a car accident at the start of the episode. There weren’t any indications that he was trying to slow down or buckled up. When NCIS was alerted to this case, they immediately suspected Sam of trying to commit suicide. Sam’s neck had a stab wound, which Jimmy discovered to be false. Sam received a dose prior to his “accident”. Further evidence showed that someone had used a brick to depress the pedal, proving that this mishap was actually murder. Sam had been slain. And because Sam didn’t have any obvious foes, it was initially difficult to accept that.

Sam appears to have remained anonymous. At work, he didn’t develop any rivals. The likelihood is that he encountered someone harmful after collecting them because he also worked as a ride-sharing driver, but NCIS did search his residence. They discovered it to be damaged. The word “liar” was scrawled in blood on Sam’s wall. Also, they probably broke everything in that one flat. Blood was examined by NCIS. Sam didn’t own it. Lisa’s could have been the case. Sam’s former was Lisa. Because of something Sam supposedly did, the couple suddenly split up. After this separation, Lisa immediately began texting him nasty letters.

Lisa was taken in for interrogation by NCIS. She admitted that the “liar” she had written in her blood. After going to Sam’s flat and discovering herself there by herself with his laptop, she claimed to have done it. Naturally, Lisa began poring over his messages until she discovered a number of them sent to Marilyn. Sam wrote that she missed Marilyn. He expressed his eagerness to see her. Which irritated Lisa as she hadn’t seen Sam much since he returned from his assignment and thought he was having an affair. Lisa, on the other hand, denies killing Sam. When she first started speaking with NCIS, she was unaware that he had died. They had to inform her of the situation. Lisa, though, was quick to assign blame. She began to express how very much Sam missed her. She further asserted that Marilyn had to have killed Sam since she knew he will never ever leave her. Despite how unlikely it may sound, NCIS had to take that viewpoint into account. They investigated Marilyn and discovered that she was not involved with Sam.

Marilyn was a spry 80-year-old woman. Sam was recruited by her to assist her in the retirement residence’s common areas. They connected using the Grand Bubby app. Sam had held off telling his girlfriend that he was working multiple jobs because he didn’t want to have to defend his internet gambling. Sam had a problem with gambling. He was rapidly losing a great deal of cash. He began working odd jobs in order to pay them off, but it wasn’t sufficient for him. Sam began doing Grand Bubby when he noticed how the software-assisted young people in robbing the elderly. The software links young people and seniors. Sam has been matched with Marilyn at least four times, and each of his prior clients has left money in their wills for him. He also consistently seemed to choose people who had recently received a fatal illness diagnosis. It appears that he knew which people to rob.  . Sam might have been slain as a result of him screwing over the family of one of his victims when he was robbing them.

NCIS had doubts about the Grand Bubby apps. Parker dispatched a spy because the Grand Bubby app had been set up at a certain retirement community. Roman, Parker’s father, was sent in. Roman had been expelled from his retirement community for excessive flirting. They expelled him from his prior community because he was driving the women crazy and they wanted to keep the peace. Only Roman continued to wear the charm. He entered with a wire and a communications device on. He found women to interact with easily, and two separate women approached him on the first day.

For Parker, it was all just too much. He complied with his orders and had Agent Jessica Knight observe his father. He learned that Sam was in contact with Sunshines’ director. He assumed that must imply that the director was on his side, which wasn’t at all the truth. Sam may have been stealing from the old, but he was also investing it back into the community. He bought improvements. He provided them with specialized instruction. Sam wasn’t robbing anyone because he also utilized his betting obsession to generate a large amount of side income. He really was a wonderful person.

Marilyn was the one who was deceiving. Marilyn’s late husband stole works of art. Knowing that Customs wouldn’t check sailors, she would make friends with sailors on Grand Bubby and request them to grab parcels for her. Sam though noticed a problem. He was aware that a painting’s frame was significantly older than the artwork it displayed. When he brought it up with Marilyn, she had her boyfriend kill him. And all of this came to light after Torres visited Marilyn because he believed the elderly woman could be sad without Sam and discovered that she was attempting to sell the picture. Parker’s father decided to relocate permanently to that retirement community following the arrest of Marilyn and her lover. The people there appealed to him. Roman located a property for himself because Sam’s modifications had made it a fantastic location to live. It helped him escape Parker’s grasp. And also because isn’t one’s kids were as lovely, it made him respect Parker for bringing him in the way he did.

[450th Episode] NCIS [S20xE15] – “Unusual Suspects” – Synopsis

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