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NCIS Season 19 Episode 21: Parker is framed for murder in the finale – Is the team ready to find out uncovering the truth?

NCIS Season 19 Episode 21 finale

NCIS team has returned after a week off. ‘NCIS’ Season 19 Episode 21 will air on CBS on May 23, 2022.   Parker is framed for murder in the finale. Before now, nobody knew much about Parker’s past. Is the team ready to find out uncovering the truth?

In the penultimate episode, NCIS brings together a number of narrative strands for a satisfying season 19 finale. The crew discovers that sacked Navy Herald employee John Murphy was poisoned with arsenic while driving a van full of stolen gambling machines when he goes into a car wash alive but comes out dead. (Scroll down the page to read the recap.) What will take place next? To discover out, we’ll have to dig a little deeper. NCIS Season 19 Episode 21 (www.tvacute.com) has everything you need to know, including the promo and release date.

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NCIS Season 19 Episode 21 Spoilers:

“Birds of a Feather,” is the title of the new episode. it will be the season’s finale episode. It concludes with the time-honored plot surprise of framing squad leader Alden Parker (Gary Cole) for murder. He will have to rely on the team he just started leading this season to help him out of a tight spot. However, Parker’s current boss intervenes. McGee (Sean Murray), a senior field agent, joins the rest of the team in putting their jobs on the line to clear their colleague’s name. This episode will also feature Parker’s ex-wife, Vivian Kolchak (Teri Polo), a former FBI agent who is now a paranormal investigator for the Department of Defense, who also assists them.  She will return in Season 20.

NCIS  Episode 19.21 Synopsis: When Agent Parker is framed for murder, the team puts their jobs and lives on the line in order to buy time and uncover the truth.

Where to Watch NCIS’ Season 19 Episode 21 Release Date

‘NCIS’ Season 19 Episode 21 will air on CBS on May 23, 2022, at 9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT. the show will switch to Monday nights. It will be available to watch online on CBS’ official website or Paramount+. You can also watch the upcoming episode on iTunesVudu, Google Play, YouTube, FuboTV, Amazon Prime (with a Paramount+ subscription), DirecTV, YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Spectrum, and Xfinity’s VOD and Live-TV platforms.

‘NCIS’ Season 19 Episode 21 Cast

REGULAR CAST: Mark Harmon (NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs) Sean Murray (NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee) Wilmer Valderrama (NCIS Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres) Brian Dietzen (Medical Examiner Jimmy Palmer) Diona Reasonover (Forensic Scientist Kasie Hines) Katrina Law (NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight) Rocky Carroll (NCIS Director Leon Vance) Gary Cole (FBI Special Agent Alden Parker)

GUEST CAST: Teri Polo (Vivian Kolchak) Erik Passoja (FBI Deputy Director Wayne Sweeney) Jene Bush (Frank Ressler AKA Birdwatcher) Jessica Gardner (Olivia Kahn) Francis X. McCarthy (Roman Parker) WRITTEN BY: Christopher J. Waild DIRECTED BY: Terrence O’Hara

‘NCIS’ Season 19 Episode 20 Recap

Palmer’s (Brian Dietzen) invitation to check out a new coffee shop as a group hangout is likewise misinterpreted by her, much to his displeasure. When he is called to deliver a liver for a waiting transplant recipient, she makes amends by agreeing to drive while he watches the organ at all times. Ducky (David McCallum) fills in for Knight and Palmer while they are on liver duty. The team discovers that Murphy was transporting slot machines to military bases—did you know that the Department of Defense earns around $100 million per year from military personnel gambling?—and Kasie (Diona Reasonover) uncovers a scheme to syphon one penny of every dollar into an offshore account. She also discovers emails from Anna Brooks, who works for the gambling machine firm, on Murphy’s laptop. They’re off to interview Vega Gaming’s employee.

Brooks appeared like a sweet girl, but she left two months ago, according to a disgruntled neighbor lady. At the very least, Brooks’ apartment reveals liver pills, and what do you know, Brooks wasn’t just assisting the DOJ in bringing Vega to justice for money laundering. The only loose end for Vega to tie up now that Murphy is dead And killing the liver is a lot easier than killing her. From the beginning, the liver mission seemed doomed. When gregarious Dr. Scott Long says he needs to be the hospital employee who travels along on the six-hour roundtrip to the receiving hospital, Palmer is taken aback. Palmer is subsequently banished to the passenger seat as Long talks to Knight about her surfing hobby. Knight and Jimmy’s budding romance is put on pause when a key organ transfer goes horribly wrong. Then they’re thrown into a ditch by a spike strip on the road, and bullets ring out, killing Long. As they escape for the woods, Palmer grabs the cooler with the liver and Knight covers them. They’re determined to get the liver to the hospital in time for the transplant, despite the murder and shooting. Palmer pulls a hermetically sealed organ cooler when their power begins to wane, beaming gratefully while Knight slices off the crusts with a knife. He’s an adoring kitten.

Unfortunately, an armed man jumps on them, and Palmer is shot in the leg during the battle. They strap it on and head off in search of a cabin where they can do emergency surgery. Knight is apprehensive about removing a bullet from Palmer’s rear leg. As Palmer writhes in pain, he says what’s been bothering him. they had a terrific time together during the wedding. But, before he can finish, she yanks out the bullet and tells him that she likes him. When the Vega goons arrive at the cabin, Knight instructs Palmer to take the liver to safety while she leads the bad people away. He refuses to go anywhere without her, but she draws their attention by firing her rifle into the air and orders him to leave. Knight is apprehended by the goons, who are as fearless as ever in the face of peril. But she’s taken aback when Palmer appears with the cooler. The thugs fire up the liver, but Knight uses the dagger Palmer just handed her to attack them. She and Palmer clutch to each other. Palmer swapped the human liver for the dead deer so that when Parker and Torres find them in the woods, they can still deliver the transplanted organ to Brooks in time. Knight stays behind to finish the investigation and finds Palmer yelling at Ducky for rearranging his equipment. Palmer says she’ll never catch a wave if she’s afraid to get on the surfboard. So Knight jumps on the board and invites Jimmy to check out the new coffee shop.


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