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Who is the Raven in the NCIS Season 19 Finale? Explained!

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One of our favorite agents is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, as is customary for NCIS finales. the rest of the team steps forward to assist. This week’s agent is Alden Parker (Gary Cole), who has been a bit of a mystery to his teammates throughout the season. NCIS season 19 comes to a close on a massive cliffhanger. In the end, we get shocking news. Yes, the Raven is back, the radical with the bioweapon who nearly killed Palmer and Kasie. Who is the Raven in the NCIS season 19 Finale? let’s explained

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Parker’s ex-wife Vivian (Teri Polo) was confirmed to be associated with the Raven, the Big Bad who nearly killed Palmer and Kasie earlier this season, in the last minutes of “Birds of a Feather.” They tried to frame Parker for a crime he didn’t commit, and at the end of the episode, With two agents, FBI Deputy Director Sweeney floods NCIS, hoping to bring Parker in, but Vance swears he has no idea where Alden is. Meanwhile, Jess, Nick, and Tim see off Parker, he fled off with Vivian to clear his name. However, when Vivian searches the backseat for an old mix CD, we witness her covertly texting someone, “It’s done.” “I’ve got him.” Betrayal! Of course, he has no idea that he is in the worst possible situation while he is with Vivian Kolchak. Given that Vivian was responding to someone by text in the finale, we don’t believe Vivian is the Raven; instead, someone else has assumed the role.

Why would Vivian betray someone she used to care about? It doesn’t appear that they have a strained relationship! Someone is pulling her strings, and given her work exploring the paranormal, could it be a cult trying to sway her? We don’t believe she would intentionally try to harm him, therefore there must be more here. The cases were a fantastic combination of twisty, predictable, and personal, and this group of agents has terrific chemistry. See you next season to see how Parker and his squad outsmart the Ravens.


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