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NCIS Season 19 Episode 21 Recap: Ending Explained!

NCIS Season 19 Episode 21 Recap: Ending Explained!

In NCIS Season 19 Episode 21 finale’s agent is Alden Parker, who has been a bit of a mystery to his teammates throughout the season. Sure. But, before joining the FBI, what was he doing? The team laments the fact that they don’t know more about his background, but it doesn’t stop them from acting when his ex-wife is kidnapped.

Yes, the episode begins with a birdwatcher capturing images of Vivian Kolchak, a former FBI agent, and current DOD UFO investigator being taken by a masked man while jogging. But the bird expert is on to something; in response to a text asking how things are going, he replies, “It’s done. We’ve got her.”

When the disturbing images are surreptitiously transmitted to NCIS, Kasie recognizes the woman as Vivian Kolchak, just as Parker walks in to find his ex-face wife’s plastered on the computer monitor! As the crew works to find Parker’s ex as soon as possible, they learn that the photographer was Frank Ressler, a former G-man who was fired last year for accepting bribes. In fact, Parker’s disgraced former colleague.  Vance, on the other hand, refuses to hand up the inquiry to the FBI. A little relationship turmoil arises in the midst of the research. Ressler has been slain in his garage by the time the crew closes in on him. When Parker’s DNA was discovered under Ressler’s fingernails, he admitted that he had come seeking his former partner the night before, but no one was home.

When the team arrives at Parker’s flat, they are surprised to see that he is the proud owner of a thriving greenhouse. Parker enters the interrogation room with trepidation, swearing he has no idea how his DNA got under Ressler’s nails but implying that there must be a case linking him, Ressler, and Vivian all former FBI agents. Nick Torres and Jessica Knight interrogate Vivian, who managed to flee her captors and flag down a passing driver. Her hazy recollections lead the team to an abandoned pet store, where Jess and Nick discover proof (with the word Nevermore scrawled above the door) that Vivian had been held captive.  the Raven is back, the radical with the bioweapon who nearly killed Jimmy Palmer and Kasie.

McGee, Nick Torres, Jess Knight, and Ducky break the news to Parker that the FBI is investigating him for fraud because they suspect he owns the offshore account containing Ressler’s illicit money. Parker states that he would surrender to the FBI at this time, so no one takes extra risks for him. The remainder of the crew grudgingly agrees with Parker’s choice the next day at work. After all, they are unfamiliar with him. But, as Ducky gently prods them. So they continue their investigation.

Jimmy Palmer approaches Jessica Knight and apologizes for going too far with the relationship disclosure forms. They take a step closer and kiss after she nervously indicates they have something wonderful going on. Kasie hears a crash and discovers that they’ve knocked over the pomato plant Palmer had given her.

However, the pomato’s death was not in vain; the pot housed an FBI bug, which means that until Parker surrenders now, they will never know what’s really going on with the Raven and the FBI. McGee reminds Parker of Rules. Parker is nervous about fleeing, but the crew reminds him that he is not a wanted man; he is family. With a hug and a list of accounting firms that might have a lead on that offshore account, Kasie sends him out. With two agents, FBI Deputy Director Sweeney floods NCIS, hoping to bring Parker in, but Vance swears he has no idea where Alden is. Meanwhile, Jess, Nick, and Tim see off Parker, who has a go-bag. Vivian joins him on the run. However when Vivian searches the backseat for an old mix CD, we witness her covertly texting someone, “It’s done.” “I’ve got him.”


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