NCIS Season 17 Episode 15 – Don Lake Guest Stars as Phillip Brooks, Gibbs’ Friend

NCIS Season 17 Episode 15 - Don Lake Guest Stars as Phillip Brooks Gibbs Friend

There’s a great deal of affection that could be noticeable all around or if nothing else a few activities that will make individuals suspicious of it all in an upcoming episode 15 of NCIS on valentine’s day.

Until this point, there have been questions in abundance holding whether 9 (Maria Bello) Sloane and Gibbs could get togetherWe adapted last season that Sloane has a few affections for somebody, yet she hasn’t had the option to express anything past what she told Dr. Grace.

We will be seeing somebody respecting her. She will be the objective of some thankfulness, as indicated by the CBS’NCIS season 17 episode 15 outcome underneath.

“Lonely Hearts” – The lead suspect in an NCIS murder investigation is a woman Gibbs’ friend, Phillip Brooks met on a dating site. Also, Sloane has a secret admirer on Valentine’s Day, on NCIS, Tuesday, Feb. 11 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Who will come as Gibbs’ Friend on valentine’s day?

Don Lake come back Guest Stars as Retired Navy Captain Phillip Brooks, Gibbs’ Friend. The episode was written by Brendan Fehily and well-directed byTawnia McKiernan.

NCIS Season 17 Cast 
The regular cast for the show includes  Mark Harmon (NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs) Sean Murray (NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee),  Emily Wickersham (NCIS Special Agent Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop),  Wilmer Valderrama (NCIS Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres), Maria Bello (NCIS Special Agent Jaqueline “Jack” Sloane),  Brian Dietzen (Medical Examiner Jimmy Palmer),  Diona Reasonover (Forensic Scientist Kasie Hines), Rocky Carroll  (NCIS Director Leon Vance),  David McCallum (Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard).


Don Lake (Retired Navy Captain Phillip Brooks),  Daphne Zuniga (Navy Commander Stacy Gordon),  Andy Comeau (M.P.D. Detective Tom Logan),  Brynn Thayer (Adams County Sheriff’s Department Sheriff Mary Talbot),  Brian Ames (Matthew Duques),  Desi Dennis-Dylan (Sloane Jackson), Caroline Whitney Smith (Molly),  Bryce McBratnie (Chet).

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