NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 15 “Imposter Syndrome” Photos & Preview

NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 15

Are you ready for the next new episode 15 of NCIS Los Angeles? entitled “Imposter Syndrome”, this is going to be a worthy episode and the team is in danger. Their complexes are hijacked. What happens when teams compromise their communication?

In the preview, we can see someone playing with the face of Agent Fatima Namazi on the computer, and investigator Deeks is in danger of life. Does he get shot? Deeks and Kensi Bailey are planning to have a baby. To know more about the episode, you can watch the preview, photos, and Synopsis below.

NCIS Los Angeles Episode 12.15 Synopsis

NCIS obtains a hard drive containing a realistic deep fake video of a deceased terrorist and must retrieve the dangerous technology behind it. However, when the team’s comms are highjacked during their mission, they find that one of their own has been a victim of its potential.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 15 Photos

NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 15 Release Date

The next new episode 15 titled “Imposter Syndrome” of NCIS LA Season 12, will air on Sunday, May 2 on CBS at 9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT. The finale of NCIS: LA Season 12 is scheduled for Sunday, May 23, and CBS has not yet announced the new season 13.

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