NCIS LA Season 11 Episode 10 – Sneak Peek , promo, photos, and release date

CBS‘s the longest series action and the military drama Special Agent has reached it the 250th episode. yes, We are talking about NCIS: Los Angeles next new episode ten. Here we have full details of NCIS: Los Angeles next new episode including Sneak peek, promo, photos, and release date.

This week, the titled of NCIS LA Season 11 Episode 10 is “Mother” which is and co-composed by series regular Eric Christian Olsen with Babar Peerzada, Akhos Laos.

Sneak Peek # 1

In the restrictive sneak peek we see Sam and Callen get word from Nell that the neighborly gathering Hetty was en route to was definitely not. What do they find, as they race to save their supervisor woman from a possibly destructive trap?

Sneak Peek # 2

For as the sneak look forges ahead, we see Deeks and Kensi doing some snooping — and to put it gently, neither of them is expecting what they each reveal.


A former black-ops agent originally recruited and trained by Hetty Lange returns to seek revenge on Hetty for the life she introduced him.

Release Date

“Mother” will be airing this Sunday, Dec. 1 at 9:30-10:30 PM, ET/9:00-10:00 PM, on CBS.