My Dead Dad Movie Review

Fabio Frey's Directorial Debut 'My Dead Dad' HBO MAX: Release Date | Cast | Trailer

My Dead Dad, directed by Fabio Frey and based on a script he and star Pedro Correa co-wrote. Correa leads the cast as Lucas a Reno native and ex-skateboarder who learns from his mother that his father perishes in Los Angeles and has given him his fortune, which includes the apartment complex. Although the film begins with an overly sentimental tone, it is the way the characters and revelations unfold that gives the audience a two-hand perspective on an oft-told story of unresolved emotional issues between father and son.

My Dead Dad begins with home footage of Lucas and his parents going about their daily lives. As the year’s passed, the videos focus on the breakdown of their marriage and Lucas’ passion for skateboarding. Now, Lucas (Correa), a young guy, discovers that his recently deceased father, whom he hasn’t seen in a decade, has given him his fortune, which includes the apartment complex he formerly owned. the young slacker flies from Reno with the intention of selling the property and forgetting about the man who he believes abandoned him.

The apartment’s residents, though, recall his father as a different man from the one Lucas imagined, including Frank (Raymond Cruz), the longstanding superintendent who isn’t buying Lucas’ gruff attitude, and Sophie (Courtney Dietz), a young lady who, like Lucas, isn’t sure what she wants from life. His uncle, Tommy (Steven Bauer), who wants to help him sell the apartment buildings. Kieffer (Booboo Stewart), and Cosmo (Chris Pontius) are all along for the ride. However, as Lucas meets the other tenets, such as the adorable Sophie and handyman Frank a new side of his father emerges, prompting Lucas to rethink what he thought he knew.

Along the way, he begins to uncover different truths that may or may not constitute a barrier in his quest for closure as he prepares for the seemingly unavoidable task of closure and getting rid of what he appears and thinks superfluous.. His journey becomes a charming examination of alternative paths toward happiness and closure as he addresses the sorrow he’s pent up since boyhood.

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