Murder Mystery 2: Who Kidnapped The Maharajah? Explained!

Murder Mystery, starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as a married couple caught up in a murder plot, was one of Netflix‘s most popular comedies of 2019. Nick and Audrey Spitz return in Murder Mystery 2 for a new adventure in Paris. In addition to Jodie Turner-Smith, Mark Strong, and Annie Mumolo, this new comedy features the world’s two worst detectives. Following the events of the first film, Nick and Audrey decided to devote themselves full-time to running a private investigation firm. They don’t start off as well, but after being invited to The Maharajah’s wedding on a private island, everything changes. The night before his wedding, the kidnapper demands $70 million or the release of the Maharajah. Nick and Audrey don their detective hats right away to figure out what’s going on and find Vik before it’s too late. Their list of potential culprits includes Maharajah’s sister, ex-girlfriend, and fiancee. Nick and Audrey Spitz put themselves in danger to rescue the Maharajah. Who, then, abducted the Maharajah?  ( Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of  Murder Mystery 2 Movie, in case you missed any of the exciting moments. Let’s discuss that shocking turn of events.

Murder Mystery 2 Ending Explained!

As the investigation progresses, former MI6 hostage negotiator Conner Miller arrives to take the reins. However, Nick and Audrey must be the ones to hand over the money in Paris, as that is what the kidnappers have requested. The investigation takes a terrifying turn as soon as they land in Paris. Nick and Audrey have issued a summons to the Eiffel Tower for any and all suspects. The elevator doors open to reveal the Maharajah, bomb in hand. The kidnappers require payment immediately. Having read Conner’s book, Nick is confident that the bomb will not detonate before the kidnappers receive the ransom.

Another blast is imminent. The kidnapping was orchestrated from the start by Conner, who is still alive and well. He also intends to wipe them out. Audrey jumps on Conner’s back as he is about to leave with the ransom money. They’re both left hanging from the tower in the end. They reach the peak, and once there, Conner admits that he, too, plans to detonate the Parisian icon. While Audrey and Conner square off atop the Eiffel Tower, Nick battles Conner’s thugs. The ransom money is still in her possession. After a scuffle, Audrey is left dangling from wire hundreds of feet above the ground, so over the edge of the Eiffel Tower. Audrey attempts to flee from Nick and Conner as they fight. The ransom money winds up dispersed widely. During Nick and Conner’s fight, the gun falls to the ground, and Audrey picks it up.

She meant to shoot Conner but hit Nick instead. Audrey, however, is resourceful and has a backup plan; she sees that Conner is still hooked up to his wire and throws him over the edge, where he promptly tumbles down the side of the Eiffel Tower. Just as the helicopter’s machine gun is about to fire, he lands above them. Eventually, Conner will be in danger. The helicopter’s wings strike him, killing him and triggering an explosion and a catastrophic crash. Now that Conner is dead, Nick, Audrey, and the others believe they are safe, but there is still one more surprise in store for them. Audrey worries that Maharajah’s sister, Saira (Kuhoo Verma), is bleeding as everyone relaxes. Saira claims that she simply smeared her henna. Now Audrey is thinking twice. There’s an off vibe here. Audrey has a public confrontation with Saira. She missed Saira at the welcome dance and saw her only after the elephant landed at the island party. Audrey identifies a critical flaw in Saira’s strategy.

Murder Mystery 2: Who Kidnapped The Maharajah? Explained!

Murder Mystery 2-

Finally, it is revealed that Connor Miller and Saira are responsible for the kidnapping in Murder Mystery 2. Nick and Audrey’s investigation reveals them to be accountable and cooperating as part of a convoluted plot. Saira, Maharajah’s sister, is the one who first hatches the plot to abduct him.

Saira tries to cover her tracks, but the truth has come out. She plotted her brother’s abduction because she was jealous that he inherited the family business instead of her. She pulls out a weapon in an attempt to end her brother’s life once more, but the Colonel sacrifices himself to save The Maharajah. When Saira raises her gun again, Claudette hits her over the head with a briefcase. Given the circumstances, Maharajah and Claudette have decided to run away together. Nick and Audrey visit the lock bridge and each leaves a lock in memory of the other. The Maharajah sends the happy couple off on their honeymoon with ten million dollars and the instruction that they may spend the money wherever they please.

During the course of their journey, the helicopter pilot who had previously provided them with the bag containing the cash takes them, hostage, by pointing a gun and pressures them to carry over the bag. He absconds with their money bag and leaves Nick and Audrey back where they started. Do they end up with a happily ever after? Actually, no. At the film’s conclusion, Audrey and Nick are riding in a helicopter over Athens with the same pilot who took them there earlier. He orders the cash, takes it, and then leaps out the window, abandoning the mystery-solving couple.

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