Metamorphosis 2020 Release Date – Official Trailer & Cast

Metamorphosis 2019

Directed by Kim Hong-Sun, a horror exorcism movie Metamorphosis (Hangul: 변신) that was Premieres on July 2 only on Shudder Streaming service. First  Released on August 21, 2019, in South Korea.


Gang-Goo (Sung Dong-Il) and Myung-Joo (Jang Young-Nam) are married and they have three children: Sun-Woo ([Kim Hye-Jun]]), Hyun-Joo (Cho Yi-Hyun) and Woo-Jong (Kim Kang-Hoon). They move into a new home, but bizarre and terrifying things happen to the family. The devil transforms into one of the family members. Oldest child Sun-Woo calls her uncle Joong-Soo (Bae Sung-Woo) for help. Joong-Soo is a Catholic priest, who performs exorcisms.

Plot by AsianWiki 

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Metamorphosis 2019 Cast

Bae Sung-Woo as Joong-Soo
Sung Dong-II as Gang-Goo
Young-Nam as Myung-Joo
Kim Hye-Jun as Sun-Woo
Cho Yi-Hyun as Hyun-Joo
Kim Kang-Hoon as Woo-Jong

Baek Yoon-Sik – Priest
Kim Gui-Seon – Head Priest
Jeon Mi-Do – girl’s mother

Metamorphosis 2014

There is one more movie for the same title Metamorphosis (original title: Métamorphoses) which was directed by Chris Swanton also stars Eirik Bar, Maureen Lipman, Robert Pugh. It was released on15 January 2014 (UK). It follows by Kafka’s story is the tale of Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman in fabrics, who wakes up one morning after disturbing dreams to find himself transformed in his bed into a giant insect-like creature. Gregor slowly starves to death for want of the right kind of sustenance. His death brings relief and rejoicing for his family, and releases them to a new and more positive life without him. – Watch Movie on Amazon Prime Video

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