Mayor Of Kingstown Episode 9 Photos – Preview and Release Date of “The Lie of the Truth”

In the previous episode, 8 of Mayor Of Kingstown,  the cops join Mike in the field to dig up the metal box that Milo told him to dig up last week. Not a box, but a whole school bus buried whole. When Ian and Kyle enter the bus, they find 26 bodies hanging from the roof. An initial investigation will be done at the morgue, the cops retching. The bodies from the bus are juxtaposed with Iris lying on a bed in her new home. continues reading the episode 8 recap.  Now fans are looking forward to the next new episode. Mayor Of Kingstown Episode 9 has a Photos, promo for the release date as well as a spoiler at

Mayor Of Kingstown Finale Episdoe Release Date

Mayor Of Kingstown Episode 9 Recap

Mayor Of Kingstown Season 1 Episode 9 Spoilers

“The Lie of the Truth” is the title of the ninth episode. It’s the season’s penultimate episode!  It will keep looking into the 26 dead bodies found in the school bus. Mike will have to get Milo to give him information so that he can figure out how the incarcerated criminal is linked to the bodies that have been found. After a female inmate stabbed Sam and a male guard was stabbed in the male prison, tensions will likely rise in episode 9. The inmate justifies stabbing him by accusing Sam of raping her. This will enrage the guards and further divide them from the inmates. Given that she is now under Mike’s protection, Iris’ brutal journey should soften in the next episode. He appears to have taken her to his remote cabin, and we may learn more about Iris’ past as she confides in Mike. But I hope that trouble seems to follow the young girl, and Iris’ story may turn violent.

You can see the first set of images for the penultimate episode “The Lie of the Truth” which shows what’s to come. There haven’t been any details on the season or series finale yet.

Watch Mayor Of Kingstown Episode 9 Photos Preview

Mayor Of Kingstown Episode 109 Synopsis: Tracy has good news for Kyle; Mike and Iris spend a peaceful day at the cabin, unaware of the trouble escalating back in town.

Mayor Of Kingstown Episode 9 Release Date

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 is coming out soon. Episode 9 of “Mayor of Kingstown” is set to air on January 2, 2022, at 3 a.m. ET on Paramount+. On November 14, 2021, the first two episodes of the streaming service were shown at the same time. “Mayor of Kingstown” will only be available on Paramount+. All-new episodes, as well as episodes that have already been released, can be watched on the streaming service.  Those without access to Paramount Plus can use Philo, FuboTV, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Stream, among other live streaming services. Also Available on Amazon

Mayor Of Kingstown Episode 8 Recap

In Mayor of Kingstown Season 1, Episode 8, the cops join Mike in the field to dig up the metal box that Milo told him to dig up last week. Not a box, but a whole school bus buried whole. When Ian and Kyle enter the bus, they find 26 bodies hanging from the roof. An initial investigation will be done at the morgue, the cops retching. The bodies from the bus are juxtaposed with Iris lying on a bed in her new home. This horrific storyline will be abandoned as the police and DA figure out what to do next. In fact, Mike believes he’s being set up and that the bus is the metal box he should be looking for. On Milo’s behalf, he visits Milo’s lawyer. So Rebecca can take him to their new office across the street, Mike meets up with Rebecca at their old office, which has been the scene of multiple homicides. Mike accepts the new space as a metaphor for his inability to escape his past and Kingstown. To make matters worse, Ed calls Mike to inform him that rival gangs are meeting in the prison yard to plot an attack on the guards. He has Mike take the outside temperature.

Mike meets Bunny to confirm the prisoner’s peace. But as soon as Mike leaves, Bunny loses his laid-back demeanor. Recognizing the deception, Mike attempts to meet up with Duke to find out what other gangs have to offer. To stop Iris from crying, Duke tells Mike the address of his house where he and his cronies have been hiding with her. One of the inmates at the women’s prison is in pain on her side. On her way to the infirmary, she stands up and drags the new guard away from the cameras for a secret sexual encounter. It starts with the guard objecting, but he quickly relents and sex with her. He sells her to another gang just as Mike arrives home, while Iris is still drugged. A threat exchange occurs in the driveway, and the Duke reveals Mike used to be in his racist white gang. And Mike warns him about the repercussions for both the inmates and the street gangs if his gang kills a guard as a group. So after the female prison guard has sex with the inmate, she repeatedly stabs him in the neck.

A guard attacked her and she crawled out of the stairwell screaming for help as if she’d survived. A rival gang’s territory is passed as Iris is driven away. Someone in Iris’ van is killed by a van that pulls up alongside. Bunny calls Mike to say they’ve found something he owns. The first time Mike enters Bunny’s place to collect Iris, he sees a family of kids. Iris’s gang, Bunny says, but Mike says he has something for them as well. Iris confirms that the Duke was the man responsible. As if to make good on his earlier threats, Mike simply walks up to him and shoots him. Along with the murders, he steals a water bottle for Iris, a minor offense that shows he cares about her. Inmates return their trays to the men’s prison after a meal, passing a knife among themselves. P-dog stabs a guard on the floor, then passes the knife on again. Before dropping the knife, everyone washes their hands. Guards rush to the aid of a fallen guard, putting the prison under lock and key.

Then he takes Iris to his safe place in the woods. And if she’s okay with him taking Milo’s tracker out, Mike says no place is safe as long as she has Milo’s tracker inside her. Afraid of losing options, Mike says he’s learned to do it. With no way to numb the pain, Mike must dig deep into her hip to remove the tracker. Following her ordeal, Iris claims she’s numb enough. Then Iris reveals that she’s never been on a date, as they drive to the cabin. Her past is vaguely described. To not let these people take away her desire to be loved or to date eventually, Mike encourages her. This small joy will soon fade, Iris observes.

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