Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 2 Recap “Hymn Among the Ruins”

Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

Mayans M.C. jumps forward four months after the assault at the Santo Padre clubhouse in Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 2 “Hymn Among the Ruins.” The pregnancy of Nails is progressing, and she appears to be living with Angel, who is still grieving the death of his kid with Adelita. Coco is still dating Hope, and EZ isn’t doing much of anything. However, there is a lovely shot of him exercising, so he has that going for him.

Bishop, on the other hand, appears to be in poor health. Mayans M.C. reports that he has been demoted to vice president, with Alvarez now occupying the throne of the Santo Padre club. The Mayans confirm that peace has been reached between the various factions at a meeting, although there is still a lot of tension. Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid responsible for many drug overdoses in the real world, is found in the Mayans’ heroin supply, which sparks a debate. Canche, who is now in command of the heroin trade, has dramatically enhanced revenues, as they explain. The topic then shifts to Miguel Galindo, who ran away from the law at the conclusion of Mayans M.C. Season 3. Nobody knows what happened to Galindo, and everyone expects the worse. Galindo’s coworker, Alvarez, claims Galindo is dead.

Taza soon confesses that Santo Padre hasn’t been assigned any tasks and is becoming frustrated at the lack of employment. The various clubs get into a disagreement, and Alvarez tells them all to go. Bishop begins whistling as he walks away, demonstrating that he is still disobedient. Outside the temple, the man who hurled EZ over the clubhouse roof in Episode 1 approaches him and attempts to make amends. He points out that if they’re split apart, it’s likely that someone else will come along and destroy them. Finally, EZ and the man shake hands, signaling that the exchange had at least swayed him.

Bishop follows up by inquiring about EZ’s chat. EZ effectively avoids the question, yet Bishop is unconcerned. Instead, the former president expresses his displeasure with their clubhouse’s invasion and makes it obvious that he intends to assassinate the intruders when the opportunity arises. All of the Santo Padre Mayans in Bishop’s immediate vicinity confirm that they are with him. Nonetheless, Hank and EZ appear to be a little more reserved.

After the temple conflict, Hymn Among the Ruins” has a few subplots that begin after the combat. Coco and Gilly are involved in the first. Following their absences, they are both on probation and are being forced to perform menial tasks like renovating the Santo Padre clubhouse. Their repairs aren’t going well, and they fight, with Gilly blaming Coco for putting him in the position he did. Hope also tries to make contact with Coco’s daughter, Leticia. Creeper also attends a meeting, ostensibly Narcotics Anonymous, where he meets a woman who gets interested in him when he muses on his problems processing events following the clubhouse brawl. Creeper is largely focused on change and what it means to transform into a new person. Angel also deletes the photo of his child with Adelita from his phone, showing that he is ready to begin the healing process, despite the fact that he is unaware that the child is still alive. Finally, after leaving Miguel, Emily Galindo emerges briefly, revealing that she is working at a restaurant and living in a run-down apartment.

Following the altercation in the temple, Felipe Reyes arrives to speak with his son, EZ, who dismisses him. Felipe helped his fiancée, Gaby, leave him in Season 3, which caused a wedge between them. Someone came seeking EZ, according to Felipe, and left a note for him. Felipe then walks away. Angel pays EZ a visit at his trailer soon after, handing him the message Felipe left. Angel tells EZ that he needs to stop icing Felipe, but E.Z. urges him to keep his mouth shut. Soon after, they discuss Angel and Nails’ relationship.

He claims that he is adjusting and that things are going well. EZ, on the other hand, isn’t convinced. He gives Angel some advice: let go of what occurred with Adelita and his child in the past. This irritates Angel, who quickly starts making fun of EZ for living alone in a trailer. He then walks away, calling EZ’s trailer dismal on the way out.

EZ follows Angel’s suggestion and adopts a dog from a shelter that also serves as a drug treatment center. While he’s there, a woman approaches him and begins to explain the psychology of the facility’s abandoned canines.. Sally, his new furry family member.

Taza informs Bishop that he has his back while he is still drinking in the clubhouse. “Alvarez, Canche…they don’t have the best interests of this chapter in mind,” Taza said. Bishop remains silent for a moment before stating that Taza is dead to him.  In the clubhouse, two Yuma jerks tease Jess (Grace Rizzo), calling her Justin Bieber and wondering why any male would want to be with her. She walks away, grabbing her luggage from behind the bar. Butterflies appear all around her as she walks through the parking lot, going towards a barrel. She chases after them, opens the door, and gasps in surprise.

Meanwhile, the VP of SOA San Bernardino isn’t going to let the Mayan situation go. Even if their president opposes war, he wants it. Jess arrives late at night to her sister’s house, upset by what she discovered in the barrel. Her sister gags and then chokes out whatever it is that smells so bad. Tranq arrives at Marcus’ house and apologizes for arriving so late. He informs Marcus of everyone’s position and whether or not they are still faithful to Bishop. Tranq confirms Bishop is agitating them against the other charters without stating so. EZ had a flashback of his time in prison after reading the message his father put on the door. He recalls being prepared for combat at any time and in any location. He was also told that everyone is an adversary. His new dog senses he’s becoming agitated and barks, jolting EZ out of his reverie.

Mayans MC Season 4  Episode 2 Recap

Emily’s whereabouts are finally disclosed. She is currently employed as a waitress in a Mexican restaurant and commutes to and from work by bus while living in a cramped apartment. Her life has taken a dramatic turn since she refused to board the helicopter and join Miguel in Mexico when he escaped. Is she content? No, she’s on her alone, with only her son for companionship. Taza performs some sort of ritual in front of a fire pit. He tosses a photo of Riz into the fire before cutting his hair with his knife. Angel is wide awake while Nails is fast sleeping. He gets out of bed silently and goes into the bathroom, where he stares at the photo of his and Adelita’s kid one last time before deleting it. He then examines the ultrasound but can’t bear the thought of deleting it. Jess and her sister appear in Season 4 Episode 2 in the pub. Jess’s sister is dating the Vice President, and she demands that Jess show him what she found in the barrel. A Sons of Anarchy jacket is held up by Jess.

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