Mayans MC Season 3 Finale Recap – Episode 10 “Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write”

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Finally, the SOA spinoff Mayans MC Season 3 is over. Luckily, Mayans has already renewed for season 4, which is set to premiere in 2022. The season concludes with the series’ biggest cliffhanger. So let’s go ahead with Mayans MC Season 3 Finale Episode 10 Recap.

Final Episode 10 initially with Eazy (JD Pardo) and Gaby (Sulem Calderon), both in bed. Their relationship is strengthened when EZ promises to go with Gabi Lodi. Angel (Clayton Cardenas) is in bed with his girlfriend Nails (Justina Adorno), but not in a relationship.

Emily (Sarah Bolgar) is alone at home, and she sees herself in the mirror, remembering the incident of the night. And looks at the remains of the tablets sticking out of his wine glass. Eventually, she learns that Miguel had drugged him.EZ, Angel, and Billy (Vincent Vargas) wait for the president of Canche – the Yuma Mayans outside an auto repair shop. A woman gets out of her car and throws a bomb into the trunk. She calls EZ, later discovering that Canche was not inside the shop. Canche arrives with his young son, EZ refuses to kill a child. But he and Gilly are ready to blow the car.

Mayans MC Season 3 Finale Recap - Episode 10 "Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write"

Back at the Maynes Clubhouse, Hank (Frankie Loyal) and Creeper (Joseph Raymond Lucaro) talk about Steve’s suicide. But Hank (Frankie Loyal) is upset and doesn’t want to talk about it. Bishop (Michael Irby) and Taza (Raul Max Trujillo) sit at the table waiting for an easy call. Just then Taza gets a call from Palo’s sister, Laura (Natalia Cordova-Buckley), asking for a gun to protect herself and he agrees.

While Adelita (Carla Baratta) and Ana Linares (Efrat Dor) are in a restaurant, Anna admits they accidentally killed Adalita’s child. Anna is asked to allow her to say goodbye, and Adalita says no. Anna apologizes. Adalita said that she did not come to kill Anna, but instead came to know Potter’s location.

EZ, Angel, and Gilly return to the clubhouse and celebrate. As Santo Pedre Mayon knows, Canche died in the attack, and his son survived.EZ talks to Angel and says, if he stays, the chain of murderers will continue.“Nails are your second chance.” I fear that Gaby is my only chance, ”says EZ. Both miss their mother.

Leticia (Emily Tosta) tells Gilly that she is worried about Coco. He tells Leticia, accept Coco’s departure. EZ tells Emily that he is going with Gaby, Emily does not believe she is leaving without saying goodbye. EZ asks for an injury to Emily’s neck, she tells nothing about the incident that night. they kiss. Gaby meets Felip. he gives her the last paycheck and his wife’s medallion. he says that he has found a clue. The elder Reyes explains Gaby, you can’t save EZ. then Felipe says. “EZ is broken,”  protect yourself.,”  

Ibarra tells other charter presidents that the bishop now only wants peace. He agrees to apologize to Auckland’s President Diaz (Alex Fernandez). Diaz shoots Ibara in the back of the head. Potter calls Miguel, says Adelita’s rebels have claimed. They work for the cartel and Miguel used to order them. Potter confiscated all of Miguel’s property and has a murder warrant for his arrest.

Outside Felipe’s shop, Nestor and Marcus Álvarez wait for Ez. Inside the shop, EZ is upset as he leaves Felipe’s shop and calls Gaby. Marcus sits on the driver’s seat and follows EZ. He stops at the stoplight, Nestor was preparing to shoot him. Marcus has loyalty to the Mayans, he parks the car and Nestor holds a gun to his head. Nestor’s loyalties are with Miguel. Marcus shoots his gun at Nestor and allows Nestor to choose one of the two.

EZ arrives at Gaby’s house and finds a piece of paper in the door. In which it is written when summer returns and roses bloom. Leaving the paper behind the wheel moves forward. Taza hands Laura a gun, tells her about loading. But it is too late. Palo (Gregory Cruz) holds Laura and her son hostage.

Taza hands Laura a gun, tells her about loading. But it is too late. Palo (Gregory Cruz) holds Laura and her son hostage. Taza and Palo have a scramble. But Laura shoots her brother Palo. Laura shouts and says that she is going to tell the police the truth. Taza removes Palo’s dead body from his Mayans jacket before he leaves. In the potter’s kitchen, Adelta is wearing a blood-soaked shirt and is holding a knife behind her back.

Mayans MC Season 3 Finale Recap - Episode 10 "Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write"

.Miguel waits on his helicopter, Emily and Cristobal, do not come. Rather Emily goes to her sister Erin’s (Holland Rhoden) house, Emily says she needs. On the other hand, Emily’s bodyguard gives Miguel some bullets and his wedding ring. Miguel rides alone on the helicopter. Isaac is ready to kill Coco (Richard Cabral). Then only Gilly arrives in the trailer and frees his friend. Cocoa barely survives. Hope is not in the trailer. They come out. Isaac, Butterfly (Spencer Grannies), and the gang gather in front of him. Isaac likes Hope. Coco shoots Isaac and the other followers. Cocoa gets hope and leaves. The Butterfly catches Isaac as he exhales his last bloody breath.

EZ is also in the clubhouse and he tells Angel, “This is where I am. This is where I am.” Taza returns to Santo Padre and tells the bishop about Palo, finally confessing to the bishop that he was the one who killed Riz first, not Vatos Malditos. The bishop is very angry, he picks up the gun, Taza says, “I love you, brother.” Taza closed her eyes and said, “Do what you want to do.” However, what happens, is not shown. without revealing who got shot.

At the end of Mayans MC Season 3, Ez is sitting on the stairs of the clubhouse outside, a gunshot is fired. Molotov cocktails fly from the closed gate to the clubhouse. EZ slowly approaches the gate as Molotov continues to descend around him, under the leadership of Canche and he sees his gun, no match for the angry countless Mayans. They shout and are ready to attack.

So this the end of Mayans MC Season 3 Finale “Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write”. when summer returns and roses bloom.

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