Married to Medicine Season 10: Meet Quad Webb

Married to Medicine Season 10 promises to be an exciting rollercoaster of emotions, and one of the standout personalities we can’t help but be intrigued by is Quad Webb. With her magnetic presence, Quad has consistently captured the attention of viewers throughout her journey on Bravo’s ‘Married to Medicine.tvacute delves into her life, with a specific focus on her relationship history, her current love life, and her role as a mother.

Meet Quad Webb

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 13, 1981, Quad Webb is a versatile personality in the entertainment business. In addition to her appearances on Bravo’s “Married to Medicine,” she is well-known for her production and acting credits in a number of films, such as “Battle Ready” (2020) and “My First Love” (2015). Quad has had an incredible journey into the public eye, always showcasing her talent and personality in the spotlight.

Prior to being well-known in the reality TV industry, Quad Webb worked as a medical sales representative. By blazing her own trail in the workplace and building the groundwork for her future empire, she demonstrated her commitment and drive. As an entrepreneur, writer, style icon, and philanthropist, Quad has established herself as a prominent and vibrant person.

Always dressed to impress, the BCBG partner inspires everyone to look their best, including her two pampered dogs, Khloe and Kar’rie. , Quad launched Picture Perfect Pup, a puppy couture line, combining her love of design and animal welfare.

In addition to her career achievements, Quad is committed to charitable work. In terms of her activism and community service, she is a pioneer. The city of Atlanta honored her commitment by designating June 18 as “Quad Webb Day” in remembrance of her outstanding leadership. Webb supports animal rights and anti-bullying groups including Canine Companions for Independence and the Kind Campaign.

On Jun 2023, Quad teamed with Millennium Medical Group to represent the NICU and support women’s healthcare, especially high-risk pregnancies. Quad will also advocate for board-certified obstetricians, neonatologists, and advanced practice specialists.

With her passion of cooking, Quad published her first successful cookbook, “Cooking with Miss Quad: Live, Laugh, Love and Eat.” She also created S.A.S.S., an all-purpose seasoning combination that will propel her company to moguldom.

Who was Quad Webb’s ex-husband?

Quad’s personal life took a significant turn in the late 2000s when she crossed paths with psychiatrist Dr. Gregory Lunceford. The connection between them was undeniable, leading to their marriage in 2012. However, beneath the surface, challenges began to surface. Quad aspired to establish herself as an independent professional before venturing into motherhood, while Dr. Lunceford held a more traditional view, pressuring her to settle down.

The differences in their aspirations came to a head when they engaged in a heated argument on a 2013 episode of ‘Married to Medicine.‘ Quad told her husband, “In the way you talk to me… we will never be able to have a child.” The ongoing disagreement about their timelines and accusations of not making enough effort to make their marriage work took its toll.

After emotional seasons 5 and 6, including challenges such as Gregory’s lack of support for Quad’s dog clothing line and accusations of infidelity, Quad filed for divorce in 2018. Despite her attempts at marital counseling and trying everything to salvage the marriage, it became evident that they were at an impasse. Quad realized that he didn’t want to make it work, which ultimately led to the end of their marriage.

Quad Webb’s Current Love Life:

Following the finalization of her divorce from Gregory in 2019, Quad took some time for herself before reentering the dating scene. While she has kept many details of her dating life private, she has shared that she is enjoying her single status. In her own words, “It’s been fun… Very interesting. Meeting new people, it’s great.” In a recent talk show appearance, she confirmed that she is actively dating and open to love but is not in a committed relationship at the moment.

Who is Dr Gregory’s new wife?

In anticipation of the Married to Medicine season 10 launch on November 5th, Lateasha Lunceford, also known as Sweet Tea, provided insights into the television series that chronicles her journey towards matrimony with Dr. G. She further divulged details about their romantic relationship in an interview with The Daily Dish. Lateasha Lunceford was born in Arkansas and reared in Killeen, Texas, where she was profoundly affected by the ethnically varied military town.

Quad Webb’s Kids: Did Quad Webb adopt a baby?

Quad’s journey as a mother has seen both joy and heartbreak. In late 2020, she took on the role of a maternal figure for the second time when her nephew Mason Elliott needed her support after his father, her younger brother Quentin, passed away from heart issues at just 34 years old. In a heartwarming gesture, Quad had her mother move in to provide extra help, and they relocated to a larger home. This move was made possible by Quad’s diverse career as an author, chef, talk show host, reality star, and women’s health advocate.

Mason, who is now 7 years old, adorably refers to Quad as “maunty,” a combination of mom and aunty. This close-knit family continues to reside together. However, Quad’s journey as a mother took an unexpected turn when she welcomed a baby girl named Ariana or Ari in May 2020. Ariana was born on April 8 in Memphis, Tennessee, and the duo adopted her with the intention of providing her with the best possible life.  Quad has explicitly said in a formal statement to The Daily Dish that baby Ari is not her legally adopted daughter.

In her own words, “There’s so much happening so fast! I just want to be able to give her the best life possible, and I am responsible for that, and she’s gonna get that.” The family, consisting of Quad, her mother, Mason, and Ari, has now become a complete unit, navigating the joys and challenges of parenthood together.

Quad Webb’s journey through ‘Married to Medicine‘ and her personal life continues to captivate audiences, and her resilience and determination in the face of challenges serve as an inspiration to many. Her story is a testament to the complexities of modern relationships and the importance of striving for one’s own happiness, even in the face of adversity. Her varied career, which includes philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and reality television, demonstrates her versatility and ability to shine in a variety of roles while enthralling viewers and changing lives both on and off camera.

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