[Lifetime] The Venice Murders: Release Date, Plot, True Story, Cast, Location and Trailer

“The Venice Murders,” the newest thriller on Lifetime, is a compelling world. Welcome. This suspenseful and dramatic crime thriller was directed by Lane Shefter Bishop. The film chronicles the adventures of Celia, played by the gifted Sophie Hopkins, as she sets off on a mission through the stunning regions of France and Italy in search of justice and the truth.

We’ll go into great detail on the movie’s narrative, cast, release date, filming locations, and an exclusive trailer in this post. Prepare yourself for an intriguing investigation into the secrets revealed in “The Venice Murders.”

The Venice Murders: Release Date

Save the date for Sunday, October 8th at 8/7c on Lifetime, as the exciting premiere of “The Venice Murders” is scheduled. With an explosive story that will have you on the edge of your seat, this gripping crime thriller promises to be a memorable watch. Don’t worry if you missed the first broadcast; you can catch up on all the exciting moments whenever it’s convenient for you because streaming will be accessible the following day.

The Venice Murders Movie Plot

The story of “The Venice Murders” centers on Celia, a bold young lady played by Sophie Hopkins, who decides to risk everything to follow her dream of becoming an artist in Italy. But when her roommate disappears and her lover is named as the main suspect, her newly found independence is destroyed. In order to find the truth and save her companion, Celia takes matters into her own hands when she senses danger and the sinister shadow of kidnapping.

The plot thickens as Celia travels through the winding streets of Venice and the picturesque scenery of Nice, France, accompanied by her eccentric expat aunt Rosa, played by Eva Pope. “The Venice Murders” promises an engrossing story that keeps viewers wondering right up until the very end as secrets come to light and surprising turns reveal themselves.

Is The Venice Murders (2023) based on a true story?

Though it portrays disappearances and the imminent threat of kidnapping realistically, “The Venice Murders” is not based on a true story. The gripping fictional story, written by screenwriters Robert Dean Klein and Peter Sullivan, examines the mental and emotional torment of a woman enmeshed in a kidnapping mystery.

Although the plot is based on actual facts, such as current kidnapping instances, the film’s writers make it clear that the work is fiction. This distinction gives the filmmakers the artistic latitude to add story elements to the picture without sacrificing a realistic feel that speaks to current social issues.

[Lifetime] The Venice Murders Cast

With outstanding performances, the ensemble of “The Venice Murders” brings the characters to life. With her leading role as Celia, Sophie Hopkins displays her range following her successful performance as April Maclean on BBC’s ‘Class ‘ and Watchtower. Darcy Grey, who plays Matteo, joins her, adding nuance to the character interactions.

Skilled performers like Luca Ribezzo as Dante, Douglas Dean as Inspector Santo, Eva Pope as Auntrosa, Charlotte Rothwell as Evie, Kathryn Lincoln as young Woman, Fabio Massimo as Professor Bruni, Gianfilippo Grasso as Carmine, Veronika Klimenko as Student victim, Helen Minassian as Elderly Woman Vendor, Axel Mastache as Officer and others make up the supporting cast. Every member of the group adds to the suspense and anxiety that permeate the entire film.

Where was the filming location for The Venice Murders?

Take in the captivating settings of “The Venice Murders” as it transports you to France and Italy through visual means. The production crew set out to capture the spirit of Venice and Nice throughout a 13-day international filming schedule.

The Grand Canal and the Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark at Piazza San Marco, two famous locations in Venice, provide the backdrop for important scenes during most of the story’s action. The story was also set in Nice, France, where the producers took advantage of the expansive and varied terrain to create an aesthetically spectacular setting that substituted for Venice.

[Lifetime] The Venice Murders Trailer

Check out the official trailer for “The Venice Murders” to get a taste of the thrilling drama. A preview of the enthralling cinematography, powerful acting, and web of intrigue that viewers may expect to discover is provided by the trailer. Get ready for an exciting trip as Celia discovers the sinister truths behind her friend’s disappearance, which will lead to a risky search for justice.

To sum up, those who enjoy suspenseful crime thrillers should not miss “The Venice Murders”. The film creates the perfect environment for an engrossing and unforgettable experience with its captivating story, outstanding cast, and gorgeous filming locations. Join us on October 8th for an exciting trip into the depths of mystery and suspense.

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