Law and Order Season 21 Episode 10 [Finale Recap] “Blue and Black”

Law and Order Season 21 Episode 10

Season 21 Episode 10 of Law & Order was no exception, examining racism in the police force and how it manifests itself on the streets, and leaving it up to viewers to decide what they believe is the correct response. McGrath desired a resounding victory to send a message to the public that killing cops is unacceptable. Law and Order Season 21 Episode 10  Recap of “Blue and Black.”

A woman is heading down the street to the subway when a man approaches her, compliments her, and advises her to move on. She heard gunshots and realized a man had been shot around the corner, so she dialed 911. The victim was on the job, and his name is Jimmy Doyle, and he was a detective in first grade. Bernard and Cosgrove are on the scene. He was a 23-year veteran who had received numerous decorations, including the Medal of Valor.

Bernard interrogates the woman who discovered him, telling her that he finds it difficult to believe she didn’t notice anything. Bernard is informed by Cosgrove that he needs to speak with Jimmy’s wife. Heather has been informed, Cosgrove and Bernard arrive at the house, which is extremely crowded. Cosgrove inquires whether she has any notion who might be responsible. She answers no, then explains that they broke up approximately three years ago, and that life gets in the way occasionally. They were, however, really close; they spoke every day, and he was her greatest friend. Nobody can perceive anything out of the ordinary because Jimmy had dinner the night before. They talk with his girlfriend, but she denies any knowledge. They speak with a person she dated before Jimmy, who claims he had no involvement in the incident and doesn’t even own a pistol. However, he was under observation near the time of the incident. He admits hearing gunshots and seeing a white man racing down Broadway looking terrified.

They investigate the ex-boyfriend and discover that he has no priors. They track down the man who was running; his name is Scott Gleacher, and he lives in Tribeca and works in Midtown. He appears to have attended a charity function, as he is photographed there. It was with a non-profit organization called Team Girl Inc. Cosgrove and Bernard go to Team Girl, where he is one of the founders and was the guest of honor. He had just contributed a million dollars. According to Team Girls’ representative, there have been a lot of speculations regarding Bleacher lately. They then chat with Regina Daniels, a girl who claims to hang out with Scott on occasion. She didn’t attend the party since she claims it is exclusive for the wealthy. Her sister walks in and refuses to let her talk and wants them to leave since she has bruising and stitches over her eye.

Benson remembers Regina after Cosgrove and Bernard tell her about her. She claimed she smacked her head on the table while madly in love with her partner. Bernard claims that they have footage of Regina’s boyfriend fleeing the crime site. Bernard and Cosgrove visit Gleecher and his lawyer at Newman & Palmer Investments and inform them that they have a video of him running down Broadway and that he is dating Regina, a 19-year-old woman. Gleecher claims to know who shot Jimmy Doyle and would not tell anything more until he is granted immunity.

Maroun is in charge of closing the agreement. Gleecher claims he went to see Regina after the charity event, but she wasn’t there, but her sister was, and she went insane when she saw the slash above Regina’s eye. When he said he didn’t know anything, she pulled out a gun and threatened to kill him if he came near his sister again. Then he hears someone cry NYPD, looks to his left, and sees a man running after them; he and Regina’s sister both flee, and then he hears gunshots. Kendra, the sister, is interviewed and claims to know nothing. Cosgrove claims that they searched her home and discovered blood on her jacket; she has been charged with murder.

She did it because the DNA on her shoes and clothing matches. If she intended to protect her sister, Jack believes she should have phoned the cops. Maroun is told by Jack that she must bear the consequences. Price agrees, but at what cost to her? Jack advises him to make his decision based solely on the facts and the law. Bail has been imposed at $3 million in court. Cosgrove is enraged because she has been charged with heinous murder. Price claims that he is doing his best with the facts and evidence available to him. Pirce should not make excuses because Kendra is black, according to Cosgrove.

Back in court, Gleecher testifies, admitting to fleeing that night. Jimmy Doyle was prejudiced, according to Kendra’s lawyer, which is why he went after her instead of Gleecher. Internal affairs is called to the stand, and the judge permits the complaints against Doyle to be read. Doyle was found not guilty on all charges. One of the guys who brought the claims was a rapist, while the other murdered a little girl. Doyle’s ex-wife is enraged that the internal affairs matters have been raised. Regina is called to the witness and claims that she loved Doyle and that he was not racist because she is black. Kendra’s lawyer displays a video of Doyle sending her a birthday message.

Kendra is on the stand, admitting she doesn’t trust the cops and telling Doyle that nothing happened and everything was OK. He yelled at her, telling her to go down on her knees and hurling racial obscenities at her. She has witnessed what occurs when black people follow orders. Her cousin agreed, and he has been beaten to a pulp. She claims she was only attempting to protect her younger sister by trying to calm Doyle down. She told him she had a gun in her pocket when he started coming toward her and he had this look in his eyes, and she was afraid he was going to shoot her because she didn’t want to end up like George Floyd and die.

When Cosgrove asks if she phoned 911 or tried to help, she responds no, that she was afraid and ran. The cops in attendance are furious when Kendra is judged not guilty of the first accusation. She is convicted on the second charge, although her defenders argue that she did nothing wrong. Sam believes that the fact that both sides are upset indicates that the outcome was favorable.

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