Krypton Episode 210 Promo

krypton-episode 210

Sadly, the finale of Krypton Season 2 is already here. Episode 10 airs next week and then we’ll have a long wait until Season 3 premiere. Here’s we know so far about the finale, including a promo  .

KRYPTON Season 2 Episode 8 carries with it the title of “The Alpha and The Omega” as its title name we know that what could happen in season finale .

Krypton Episode 210 Promo

It looks like a lot is going to happen next week.

Here’s Krypton Episode 210 Synopsis:

The future of Krypton is at stake as Seg faces off against his enemy, General Zod, with the help of his allies.

Watch KRYPTON Episode 209 airs August 14 Wednesday  10/9c on Syfy.