Killer Camp 2020 Release Date | Plot & Trailer

Killer Camp 2020 Release Date Cast Episode Guide Trailer

CW also announced the release dates for reality shows Killer Camp Season 1 that will premiere July 16 on The CW, airing Thursdays at 8. Comedian Bobby Mair takes on presenting duties as Camp Counselor Bobby. Executive produced by Steph Harris, the series is from Tuesday’s Child and originally aired on ITV2.

Killer Camp Season 1 Show Plot

In The CW’s new satirical horror whodunit reality competition KILLER CAMP, 11 British strangers are shocked to discover they are not going on a fun new reality show called “Summer Camp” but actually participating in an over-the-top “murder” mystery series called “Killer Camp.”

Camp Counselor Bobby will be the first to tell you that everything at Camp Pleasant is picturesque and perfect… except the minor problem of the brutal murders. In typical reality show fashion, there will be camaraderie, sex appeal, and lots of backstabbing… only this time, literally.

As the campers play games to earn cash during the day, each night one of them will meet their untimely demise in ever more extreme, hilarious and inventive ways.

Nobody can be trusted, as one of the campers among them is actually the secret murderer controlling the evil camp handyman “Bruce,” who executes the bloody hilarious death scenes. It’s up to the campers to determine who is pulling the strings, cast out the murderer and save themselves before it’s too late.

Killer Camp 2020 Official Trailer


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