Joe Millionaire Finale Recap: Who Won Kurt and Steven’s Hearts?

Did Kurt and Steven Find Love in Joe Millionaire: For Richer Or Poorer Finale?  Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee had to choose which woman they wanted to continue a relationship with outside of the show during Thursday’s last episode of Fox’s “Joe Millionaire” remake. Millionaire Steven had narrowed it down to Calah and Annie going into the finale, while Kurt was torn between Amanda and Carolyn. Which woman was the lucky winner?

Kurt Sowers picked Amanda Pace as the winner of “Joe Millionaire: For Richer Or Poorer” on Thursday night’s conclusion. Fans were taken aback, as many assumed he would choose Carolyn Moore. Meanwhile, the true millionaire, Steven McBee, is still dating Calah Jackson. Let’s read What happened in the finale. Joe Millionaire 2022 Recap

The men were then given final dates, which only added to the confusion. Steven spent the afternoon paddle boarding with Annie and the evening cooking with Calah, which both went off without a hitch. Kurt, on the other hand, was playing tennis with Carolyn and cooking dinner with Amanda. He confessed he felt more torn than ever after his second date.

When it came to making a selection, each woman dressed in white, while the males donned tuxedos instead of flannels. Unlike “The Bachelor,” there was no indication of which woman each man was chatting to or in what order. Instead, the audience witnessed the men describing why they cared about each woman, and the women doing the same.

Kurt said that his mind was with Amanda, but his heart was with Carolyn in his confessional. When it came time to speak with Carolyn, though, he expressed his concern that their love would fade away, telling her, “My heart belongs to someone else.” Carolyn, who had known from the start that Kurt was the one for her, responded by asking the producers, “Can I go now?” “It’s pretty much a slap in the face,” she subsequently told the cameras. He made the right decision because if he’s been so insecure the entire time, he’s not the right guy for me.

Steven, who was upset, chose to break up with Annie, informing her that his feelings for Calah were stronger. She walked away, admitting she was shocked by the breakup as he choked back tears, before collapsing in the car. Fortunately, happiness was on the horizon. Kurt confessed his love for Amanda and presented her with a promise ring, which she gratefully accepted. Steven was also ecstatic to inform Calah that he couldn’t imagine leaving without her and to promise her a ring.

“Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer,” Finale Shocking News

“Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer,” but TMZ has learned there’s another storyline twist that won’t be seen on the show. here’s the major shocker: Kurt selects Amanda Pace over Carolyn in the finale!!! That’s the first surprise; the second is that Kurt and Amanda have already been dunzo!!!  According to a source close to the former couple, they ended their relationship in December, shortly after the show concluded filming in the fall.

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