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Is “It Comes at Night” (2017) based on a true story?

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In the genre of psychological thrillers, “It Comes at Night” (2017) stands out as an exciting story about surviving and being scared. The movie, which was directed by Trey Edward Shults, is about a family in the woods who are stuck together and dealing with a dangerous disease. In the story, Paul (Joel Edgerton) is a man who keeps his family alone because he doesn’t trust anyone else in a world after the end of the world.  As the story goes on, people’s trust is put to the test, secrets are revealed, and fear creeps into the night’s strange silence.

Is “It Comes at Night” (2017) based on a true story?

The 2017 movie “It Comes at Night” is not based on a true story. The script and direction were both done by Trey Edward Shults. After the death of his father, Shults made the movie as a form of treatment, drawing on his feelings and experiences. The movie looks at dark themes like death, grief, and fear through the lens of a deadly outbreak and the fight of a family to stay alive.

Trey Edward Shults has been very open about the close link between the movie and his own life in conversations. There are hints of his troubled relationship with his father, his struggle with addiction, and the deep effect of his father’s death in the characters and themes of “It Comes at Night.”
When Shults talked about how the movie came to be, he talked about his father’s last moments and how he tried to find comfort for him. The moving conversation at the start of the movie is a lot like what Shults said to his father during those hard times. Shults uses the movie as a way to work through his feelings, telling a story that speaks to everyone’s fears of death and the looming shadow of regret.
“It Comes at Night” is influenced by many other works of art besides the author’s own life. ‘The Triumph of Death,’ an oil painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder from the 1600s, was a major inspiration. This disturbing image of death’s relentless chase is used as a visual metaphor. It appears at the beginning of the movie and sets the mood of impending doom.
There are also traces of old horror movies in “It Comes at Night.” The Overlook Hotel’s confusing layout from “The Shining” was used as a model for how to navigate the house in “It Comes at Night,” creating a tense and uncertain environment.
When Shults was making the movie, he liked the idea of combining family drama with horror. The hazy lines between friend and foe, the building tension, and how fear changes people’s actions are all hallmarks of classic horror stories. The movie becomes a platform for looking at both threats from the outside and monsters that come from inside.
Shults’s journey inspired the movie. It shows how he tried to find peace and closure after losing someone close to him. Even though the story may touch on basic fears we all have, it is still a work of fiction, an attempt to show how deep people’s minds can go in times of trouble.