Is “What Happens Later 2023” based on a Real Story?

A lot of the time, love stories are woven, aspirations come true, and iconic personalities are created in the realm of film. The much-awaited film What Happens Later,” which is scheduled to hit theaters in 2023, is situated in the center of this universe. The excitement surrounding this romantic comedy, which was directed by the well-known actress Meg Ryan, is unavoidable. There’s a nostalgic quality to “What Happens Later” because of the dialogue’s cadence and humor, which are reminiscent of 1940s classic films. The film has a distinct beauty that comes from its vintage feel and examination of personal truths and regrets. In this article, tvacute will analyze the film’s plot in detail, discussing the endearing story told onscreen and delving into the question of whether or not “What Happens Later” is based on a real-life incident.

The movie’s plot: What Happens Later

“What Happens Later,” tells the touching story of an unexpected reunion between two ex-lovers, Bill and Willa, played by David Duchovny and Meg Ryan, respectively. The theme of “meet-cute” is central to the plot, as the characters—who were previously college sweethearts—reunite by chance.

A deserted rural airport in the middle of a snowfall serves as the backdrop for their charming reunion, which forces them to spend the night together. Willa and Bill are trapped in space and time amidst the chaos of the airport where people are racing to catch flights and make connections.

Willa is called a “magical thinker,” and Bill is a “catastrophic one.” These designations allude to their diverse personalities, which gives their characters more nuance and complexity. Even though years have passed since their breakup, their conversations are funny and nostalgic, with no hint of unresolved anger or bitterness.

With nowhere else to go as the night wears on, they begin to piece together the regrets and what-ifs from their past. The film explores the reality that frequently exists beneath the surface of breakups. Willa is not afraid to speak the truth when she points out the differences between what individuals say to each other during a breakup and the things that are kept hidden. Their encounter takes on a deeper emotional dimension when Bill admits that he is more in love with her than she ever realized.  “What Happens Later” is centered around the notion that relationships and love can persist even after prolonged separation. It encapsulates the wonder of chance encounters and the melancholy sadness of remembering past loves.

Is “What Happens Later 2023” based on a Real Story?

Let us now discuss the fascinating query: Is “What Happens Later” based on a true story? No, “What Happens Later” is not a true story—at least not in the sense that it presents real-life occurrences or people. Rather, it is a fictional creation that is based on Steven Dietz‘s play  “Shooting Star.” Dietz wrote the play, which acted as the movie’s inspiration.

Born June 23, 1958, Steven Dietz is a well-known American theater director, playwright, and educator. We may now proudly call him “the most ubiquitous American playwright whose name you may have never heard.” Dietz has continually had a big influence on the American theater scene despite being a prolific and extensively performed dramatist. He was listed as one of America’s 20 most-produced playwrights in 2019, which is evidence of his ongoing impact.

Dietz’s frequently produced play “Shooting Star” was first conceived in 2008. The film industry was drawn to this play because of its captivating characters and engaging storyline. It was turned into the next film “What Happens Later,” and Dietz, Kirk Lynn, and Meg Ryan all contributed to the adaptation.

Dietz’s play is brought to life in this movie through the characters Willa and Bill, played by Meg Ryan and David Duchovny. Dietz’s original work served as the inspiration for the plot, its romantic components, the surprise reunion, and the examination of past regrets and realities.

Notably, “What Happens Later” is Meg Ryan’s comeback to the rom-com genre, which she has previously dominated because of her partnerships with the late, great Nora Ephron. In addition to showcasing her acting abilities, the film also highlights her directing abilities.

Despite not being a true story, “What Happens Later” appeals to audiences by exploring universal themes of love, reunion, and the secrets of the heart. It displays the potency of narrative and the skill of bringing made-up stories to life on film.

To sum up, “What Happens Later” is an engrossing romantic comedy that tells a story of self-discovery and rediscovered love. When the movie opens in theaters in 2023, it will undoubtedly touch audiences’ hearts because, despite its possible lack of historical accuracy, it perfectly conveys the essence of universal human emotions. The power of film rests in its ability to tell stories that, even when they originate from the vivid imaginations of gifted writers are enacted by directors and actors of the highest caliber. We can’t wait for “What Happens Later” to come out since it looks like a fun addition to the romantic comedy genre.

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