Is there a sequel to Buried in Barstow Movie?

Is there a sequel to Buried in Barstow Movie

azel King, the ex-hitwoman who’s finally brought Angie Harmon back to the TV Movie Buried in Barstow six years after TNT’s cop dramedy Rizzoli & Isles ended. . Hazel King, a single mother, and running a BBQ restaurant in Barstow, will go to any length to defend her daughter. There are a lot of twists and turns. The return of Hazel’s former boss, Von (Rizzoli’s Bruce Travis McGill), disrupts Hazel’s life. It’s a far cry from her past existence in Las Vegas, where she was a cunning hit woman pulled from the streets as an adolescent heroin addict. Hazel’s new dishwasher, played by Kristoffer Polaha, has his own secrets.

Hazel had been a hired gun from the early age of 15 till she found out she was pregnant. She left her tumultuous life behind. Her history has finally come up with her nearly two decades later. Her old boss summons her to Vegas for one more task.  Meanwhile, back in Barstow, she takes drastic measures to protect Joy from a nasty boyfriend while falling in love with a mystery man named Elliot (Kristoffer Polaha).

The film concludes with a major cliffhanger. Elliot was working for her old boss, whom he met in prison, Hazel discovers. But, before she can confront him, she is shot outside her diner while interrupting a kidnapping. Travis (Timothy Granaderos), her daughter’s abusive boyfriend, turned out not to be dead after all. Joy is eager to restart their romance when he returns to Barstow.

Is there a sequel to Buried in Barstow in the works for Hazel? Here’s what we’ve learned thus far! 

Will there be a sequel to the Lifetime film Buried in Barstow?

Yes! The film will be followed by a sequel. The project is presently under construction. According to Harmon’s interview with ET, the film finishes on a cliffhanger, which will set up the second half of Hazel’s journey. Harmon had this to say about the first film when asked about it:

A sequel to ‘Buried in Barstow’ is in the works.

Buried in Barstow ends with a “to be continued…” note. Thankfully, fans won’t have to worry about missing the next installment of Hazel’s journey. The film is the first of a planned series, according to Lifetime, and Harmon has confirmed that work on the sequel has already begun. She’s hoping for a half-dozen or more films based on her hitwoman-turned-waitress role.

I had a great time playing a nasty guy. One of my favorite things about Hazel and many of the restaurant people is that they remind me of the Duttons from Yellowstone. Even if they don’t always make the best moral and ethical decisions, you still want them to win.

Harmon told Smashing Interviews Magazine, ” We don’t have an exact number.” “I’d like to see six to eight people, and maybe we can get there.” This seemed to me to be more of a series. But I admire Tom Evans, the film’s screenwriter is ion’s for it as two-hour movie chunks. But I’m not convinced. We’ll probably keep making these if folks like them. Hopefully. We’ll start filming the next one in early June.”

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