Is The Crime Is Mine (2023) Based on a True Story?

A hidden jewel in the brilliant world of French cinema, where the past and present coexist together, has drawn the interest of both casual and film enthusiasts. With a backdrop of 1930s Paris, the film “The Crime Is Mine (2023),” directed by the renowned François Ozon, offers us a delicious blend of crime and comedy. Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Rebecca Marder, Isabelle Huppert, Fabrice Luchini, Dany Boon, and André Dussollier are among the film’s outstanding cast members. The topic that really gets our attention, though, is this: Is “The Crime Is Mine” based on a real story?  tvacute go further into the movie. Let’s explore the complex history of this cinematic classic and its fascinating beginnings to find the answer to this.

The Crime Is Mine (2023) Plot

“The Crime Is Mine” is essentially a showbiz caper with a feminist twist, a la François Ozon’s earlier pieces like “8 Women” and “Potiche.” The protagonist of the tale is Madeleine, a failing actress played by Nadia Tereszkiewicz, who lives in a small flat with her devoted friend Pauline, a jobless lawyer played by Rebecca Marder. When a lewd theatrical producer who had inappropriately approached Madeleine meets an early death, the story takes an exciting turn.

In a daring and surprising move, Madeleine confesses to the crime, claiming that she was acting in self-defense. She becomes a famous and, more significantly, a feminist symbol after her acquittal, which marks a turning point in her life. But is there any truth to this amazing metamorphosis? To find out, let’s investigate the beginnings of this fascinating story.

Is The Crime Is Mine (2023) Based on a True Story?

“The Crime Is Mine (2023)” is not directly based on a true story. It is an adaptation of the 1934 play “Mon Crime” written by Georges Berr and Louis Verneuil. The play and its story served as the basis for the film, but it also added its own twists and interpretations to create a fictional tale set in Paris in the 1930s. François Ozon is the director of the 2023 French crime comedy film. This drama supplied the basic storyline that Ozon skillfully transformed into “The Crime Is Mine (2023).” The movie’s idea came about as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns.  Ozon’s film is influenced by the films of these two renowned French filmmakers. At the end of the movie, there’s a play, which honors the legacy these filmmakers started. Ozon drew inspiration for his works from the 1930s screwball comedies produced in America. The film’s humor and style are influenced by the fast-paced, dialogue-driven comedies of directors like Ernst Lubitsch and Frank Capra.

The movie tells the tale of an actress who rises to fame after being found not guilty of killing someone out of self-defense. The movie is not based on a genuine story, even if it is inspired by real-life concerns. The movie’s story, characters, and events are all made up, but they’re supposed to speak to current issues with women’s rights and power relations.

The well-known French actress Sarah Bernhardt served as the inspiration for Isabelle Huppert’s character in the movie Odette Chaumette. This character decision gives the narrative more nuance and historical background.

Apart from “The Crime Is Mine,” “Mon crime” was the inspiration to two American movies, “True Confession” (1937) and “Cross My Heart” (1946). This illustrates the story’s timeless appeal and its capacity to serve as an inspiration for several adaptations in various cinematic settings.

There is no real-life basis for “The Crime Is Mine” (French: Mon crime). Although the movie’s themes—such as power dynamics and women’s rights—may be influenced by real events, the story, the characters, and the events themselves are wholly made up. The plot centers on an actress who gains notoriety after being exonerated of murder charges due to her use of self-defense; however, no particular real-life incidents or people are mentioned explicitly. Despite having parts that speak to current issues, the movie is a work of fiction.

French filmmaker François Ozon is renowned for his adaptable approach to filming. He frequently incorporates social and feminist issues into his works and has turned a number of plays into films. During an interview, Ozon talked about his preference for adapting plays, and how he discovered the play (Mon crime) that served as the basis for his 2023 film “The Crime Is Mine”.

Finding “The Crime Is Mine”: After viewing the American film adaptation of “True Confession,” starring Carole Lombard, he became aware of the play that served as the basis for “The Crime Is Mine.” He was attracted by the play, which was originally written by Georges Berr and Louis Verneuil, because it had a character who falsely accuses herself of committing a crime and goes on to become well-known as a result.

Ozon significantly altered the play’s initial script. For instance, he changed the play’s protagonist from being a writer to an actor. This gave him a fresh perspective on the character’s journey and feminist ideas.

“The Crime Is Mine” explores issues of women’s status and power relationships. The film examines how women supported one another and battled for freedom throughout the 1930s, a time when women faced oppression.

Ozon is upfront about the artificiality that goes into making movies. He emphasizes that life is like a theater with everyone performing roles by using theatrical devices like a theater curtain in the beginning and closing plays. The movie’s use of a theatrical approach is essential.

The central theme of the movie is sincerity concealed beneath a falsehood. Ozon likes to investigate the notion that falsified material can contain truth. A falsehood causes the main character to change from being a terrible actress to representing political and feminist ideals.

Their drama explored the nuances of interpersonal relationships, the complexity of the entertainment industry, and the unforeseen paths that life might follow. The fact that their stories are still relevant to viewers today despite adaptations like the film directed by François Ozon is a monument to their storytelling skill.

Paris in the 1930s is depicted in the movie in an idealized and stylized manner, especially from the viewpoint of Americans. This method enhances the film’s style and reflects the custom of showing Paris in a particular way in American movies.

From April to June of 2022, the principal shooting was conducted for the movie. The filming venues included Brussels and Charleroi in Belgium, as well as Paris and its environs.

So, is the narrative in “The Crime Is Mine” based on fact? Yes, in a sense, since it takes cues from the dramatic mastery of Berr and Verneuil, whose creations never cease to enthrall and inspire. The film reminds us of the ageless appeal of narrative and how it crosses generational boundaries as it transports us through the splendor and glamour of Paris in the 1930s. Whether a narrative is inspired or factual, it always has the same magical effect that leaves a lasting impression on our minds and emotions.

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