Is Sitting in Bars with Cake Movie a True Story? Explained!

Do you know of a movie that mixes cake’s sweet delight with life’s unpredictable turns and turns? The wonderful romantic comedy-drama movie Prime Video’s  “Sitting in Bars with Cake,” helmed by Trish Sie, takes you into the lives of two best friends, Jane and Corinne, as they set out on an extraordinary journey across the vibrant metropolis of Los Angeles. But is this endearing story based on a real event? In this thorough analysis, (tvacute) we’ll delve into the intriguing storyline, examine the real-life events that served as the basis for the movie, and come to a deeper appreciation of the film’s message.

Storyline: Sitting in Bars with Cake

Two dynamic characters, Jane and Corinne, played by the outstanding Yara Shahidi and Odessa A’zion, respectively, are at the center of “Sitting in Bars with Cake.” The movie introduces us to Jane, a reclusive but highly talented home baker with a talent that is kept a secret from the rest of the world. Corinne, her outgoing best friend, is eager to assist Jane in emerging from her shell and discovering the possibilities of life.

The movie’s premise is both original and endearing. Corinne offers a pretty unusual suggestion in an effort to persuade Jane to embrace new experiences: Why not take a baked cake to a different pub each week for a whole year? Their “cake barring,” a fascinating idea, serves as their ticket to adventures, hilarity, and chance meetings.

The two friends embark on their cake-barring quest as Jane creates mouthwatering cakes, each with its own unique touch. Their cakes transform into a mystical magnet that attracts others to them and opens doors to new relationships. It’s a formula for introspection and growth that is laced with sweetness and camaraderie.

However, when Corinne receives a fatal medical prognosis, things change drastically. A fun romantic comedy with a cake-related twist gives way to a moving examination of friendship, resiliency, and the difficulties of overcoming obstacles in life. As Jane assumes the role of caretaker, the pair must negotiate the unfamiliar medical landscape and emotional turmoil.

Is Sitting in Bars with Cake (Movie) a True Story? Explained

The connection between “Sitting in Bars with Cake” and real events is one of its most intriguing features. The Audrey Shulman book of the same name, which was itself based on the author’s personal blog, served as the basis for the film, which is in fact based on a true story. This touching story is built on the journey of Audrey Shulman.

After an accidental encounter with a cherry cake at a bar in Edendale, Audrey Shulman’s foray into cake barring was suggested to her in good fun by her closest friend. For her friend’s birthday celebration in the summer of 2012, Audrey found herself cutting and serving a cake that she had lovingly cooked. She was surprised to find that the addition of cake changed the evening into a pleasant social gathering. As everyone gathered around to have a piece of cake, strangers started forming friendships and bonds.

Audrey started a fascinating social experiment after being inspired by her friend’s amusing observation that all she needed to do to find a boyfriend was to sit in bars with cake. She made a commitment in January 2013 to bake one cake a week and deliver it to several bars throughout the year. It was a doable objective, but life had other ideas, and Audrey discovered that once she started dating, she started baking even more.

As Audrey’s cake barring adventure progressed, she realized that her experiment was more than just about cakes and bars; it was a life-changing event that gave her more confidence and made it possible for her to interact with others in a way she had never thought possible. In the end, her experiment led her to meet someone outside of cake barring, which resulted in a happy marriage and motherhood.

While Audrey Shulman’s real cake-barring exploits are closely reflected in the film, there are certain changes made for the purposes of cinematic storytelling. The lead character in the movie is Jane, not Audrey Shulman. However, the story’s central theme—including the grave medical prognosis—remains a monument to the strength of friendship and fortitude.


“Sitting in Bars with Cake” is more than just a film; it is a touching portrayal of real-world events, brought to life by an excellent cast and an interesting plot. The inspiration for this masterpiece of cinema came from Audrey Shulman’s transformation from a timid baker to a self-assured person who discovered love and happiness outside of her comfort zone.

We are reminded of the unanticipated beauty of life and the tremendous impact of friendship as we join Jane and Corinne on their cakebarring expedition. The warmth of friendship, the unpredictability of life, and the notion that joy can be found in the most unlikely places are all celebrated in this film.

Finally, “Sitting in Bars with Cake” provides a slice of life that is both endearing and motivational. It serves as a reminder that sometimes the most amazing stories develop from the most basic concepts. The next time you enjoy a piece of cake, keep in mind that it could be the key to opening up new experiences and beloved relationships.

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