Is [Netflix] Operation: Nation Based on a Real Events?

New on Netflix is the Polish comedy-drama Operation Nation (Kryptonim Polska). The story, written by Jakub Ruzyllo and Lukasz Sychowicz and directed by Piotr Kumik, centers on a man Staszek Sulkowski (Maciej Musialowski) who joins a far-right extremist group but faces a moral dilemma when he falls in love with a girl Pola Ratajczyk (Magdalena Mascianica) who doesn’t share his beliefs.  Sulkowski has a hopeless job and no prospects for improvement. He joins up with his cousin Roman’s (Borys Szyc) neo-Nazi gang since he feels out of place elsewhere.  For the most part, Roman and his Nazi gang are depicted as a bunch of dopes. A walking joke more than a real threat, the group comes across as incompetent, stupid, and disorganized.  Sincere satire on the rise of Nationalist and fascist movements in Europe may be found in “Operation: Nation.” (’ve got the answers if you’re wondering if the movie is based on a true story.

Is [Netflix] Operation: Nation a True Story?

The tale of “Operation: Nation” does not center on any real-life incidents, however, it does contain some truthful elements. ‘Operation: Nation’ is a love tale involving two people who represent conflicting ideals, in addition to its lessons about political life, society, and the rise of fascists.

This film’s plot is very close to that of the classic tale of forbidden love between two people who are ideologically opposed to each other but succeed admirably. Leftist Pola displays her venom towards the radical organization. She projects an unwavering, intimidating, and unflinching presence. She is an outspoken activist who fights for the rights of minorities and strives to alter people’s traditional worldviews through her frequent participation in protests against hate crimes. Her relatable vulnerability, though, is exposed by the complexities of her own personal life. As soon as she meets Staszek, she warms up to him and begins to trust him. Despite Staszek’s best efforts to keep his relationship with Roman a secret from his new fiancée, Pola and Staszek o a wonderful job bringing their characters’ budding romance to life. Some of the interactions between them are brilliantly realized, conveying the elation and enthusiasm of first love.

Satirical depictions of Nazi ideology have been attempted for a long time in an effort to expose the absurdity of the concept. The ZMR in the film is fictitious, but the criticism of the emergence of the Nationalists in Polish politics is not.  Law and Justice, also known as (PiS) in Polish, is a right-wing populist and a national-conservative political party led by Jaroslaw Kaczyski which was established on June 13, 2001.

In addition, there are a number of instances in the film that appear to be taken directly from actual events. At the beginning of Operation: Nation, a group called RYS is seen partying in honor of Hitler’s birthday. A swastika symbol that isn’t quite right serves as the source of the hilarity, which virtually shouts “Irreverent Jokes Ahead!” Members of the RYS are naive and cause problems. The RYS fellas try to shift the responsibility for their lack of skill onto somebody else. One of their own gets hurt at a kebab place.  A Polish court banned a neo-Nazi group for holding a secret birthday party for Adolf Hitler in 2017, which was then secretly filmed and broadcast by a local television channel.

In a twist, it also shows how racism affects the leaders in the race to restore purity to their country’s genes. It also highlights how unified our society has become and how helpless we are to alter the course of events. In the movie, The RYS or ZMR leader selects a small number of followers and indoctrinates them with nationalist ideals. Most people, though, aren’t truly invested in the cause and don’t grasp the logic behind their actions. No one challenges Roman, and the others do as they are told without inquiry. But despite his position of authority, he is not a heartless leader, and he frequently shows his feelings toward his troops.

Real-life incidents served as inspiration for the film’s climax scenario, the film nears its climax, and Roman and his gang attempt to bomb a pride march. suddenly becomes extremely dangerous by plotting to bomb a Pride parade celebrating the LGBTQ community. An LGBT parade in Lublin (2020) saw a married couple Karolina S., 21, and Arkadiusz S., 27, carry their own handmade explosive devices, which led to their conviction and sentencing. On the day of the march, police stopped the pair, whose surnames are concealed under Polish law. They were discovered to be in possession of the explosives, which were built from items including gas canisters and fireworks, according to Onet.  The film leaves an impression nonetheless. It addresses serious issues that should be discussed more openly through the medium of comedy. It builds a stereotype by exaggerating the absurdity of the explanations Nazi supporters provide for their bigotry.

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