Is Lifetime’s She Went Missing A True Story? ‘She Went Missing’ Movie Locations

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With its new film ‘She Went Missing,’ starring Corbin Reid in the lead role, Lifetime is prepared to take fans on a thrilling trip. Maya, an investigative reporter, finds that one of her childhood friends has gone missing and chooses to cover the subject herself in the upcoming film ‘She Went Missing’.  As she begins to investigate the matter, she discovers some troubling details about some individuals and finds herself in serious difficulty. The majority of the events in the film take place in Maya’s hometown, and the small-town setting creates an engrossing mystery drama. Now you might be wondering where the movie was shot and if the plot has any truth to it. So, here are the specifics. So, here are the specifics.

Is She Went Missing A True Story?

‘First and foremost, She Went Missing,’ is not based on a real story. The plot may appear realistic, but it bears little resemblance to actual reality. Furthermore, the film makes no claim to be an accurate depiction of an incident that occurred prior to its production. Danny J. Boyle directed the film, from a story and screenplay by Aurora Ferlin. her first feature-length screenplay, yet she is no stranger to the tvindudtry.

Aurora Ferlin has worked on films such as Jim Brown’s Amer-I-Can Dream (2016), Inside: Teena Marie (2011), and Verses & Flow (2011). With the feature-length documentary “Jim Brown’s Amer-I-Can Dream,” Aurora Ferlin made her directorial debut. At the 2016 Cleveland International Film Festival, the film received the renowned Greg Gund Standing Up Award. She also created and directed ‘Mothers,’ a short film that won five international prizes in 2018.  Despite the fact that this Lifetime film is a work of fiction, the writer has created an unmistakably realistic atmosphere.

‘She Went Missing’ Locations

‘She Went Missing’ was shot entirely in British Columbia, primarily in Langley. Canada is a fantastic place for both aspiring and experienced filmmakers due to its numerous advantages. The landscape of the Great White North is covered in snow, mountains, and lush flora. Furthermore, the provinces offer appealing tax incentives, which when combined with the highly appealing exchange rate relative to the United States, add up to a tempting value.

Meanwhile, British Columbia‘s mild climate and closeness to Hollywood have made it one of the world’s most important movie production hubs, with networks such as Hallmark Channel calling it home. Raivo Kruze, the cinematographer from ‘Mare,’ was brought in to help with the production of this film.

Let us now take you to the areas where the She Went Missing movie was shot.

The majority of the filming took place in and around Langley, a city and municipality in British Columbia’s Metro Vancouver Regional District. The town is known for its lush parks, which the cast and crew are likely to have visited. Langley has approximately seventeen public parks, some of which have nature paths and aquatic features. While Penzer Action Park is the continent’s largest parkour course, Sendall Gardens has 3.67 acres of land and a variety of fauna. Movies filmed in Langley, British Columbia, Canada such as Supernatural, Snowpiercer, The Vampire Diaries, Riverdale, and many more.

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