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Is Lalo a character in Breaking Bad?

Lalo appears at Saul and Kim’s apartment at the end of the midseason finale of Better Call Saul, preparing to scare them into killing Gus, but not before he shoots and murders a displeased and inebriated Howard Hamlin, who is the victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That prepares Lalo to finally start moving his pieces toward a dramatic conclusion to his cerebral chess game with Gustavo Fring. As a result of Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 8, one of Gus’s bullets enters Lalo’s neck through the darkness, killing him. But the main question is whether Lalo has appeared in Breaking Bad, let’s find out.

Is Lalo a character in Breaking Bad?

Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 8 titled “Coushatta” introduced Lalo as a character. He is a Salamanca family member that was dispatched to Albuquerque to assist Nacho in managing their drug-dealing operation.

Lalo played by Tony Dalton never appears in the credits of an episode of Breaking Bad, and he never makes an appearance in any of the show’s scenes. However, Lalo appears in Breaking Bad both by name and by skeletal. Anyone who is a Breaking Bad superfan is aware that Saul Goodman, who was terrified, first mentioned Lalo Salamanca in the eighth episode of the show’s second season, directed by Terry McDonough titled “Better Call Saul.” (aired: April 26, 2009).

In this episode we saw After the bombing in El Paso, Hank developed post-traumatic stress disorder; Walt encourages him to get over it and tells him to go on. When Badger is taken into custody by the Albuquerque police, Walt and Jesse are faced with yet another issue. They ultimately hire a dubious attorney named Saul Goodman, who makes sure Badger receives a short sentence without having to reveal Jesse or Walt’s identities.

Breaking Bad season 4 episode 8-
Breaking Bad season 4 episode 8

Saul screams “it was Ignacio” as he begs Walt and Jesse to spare his life before he frightenedly inquires as to whether Lalo was behind their abduction. Lalo makes his first appearance in the world of Breaking Bad at that point, but his presence would become more apparent in later episodes when Walt and Jesse were forced to make meth for Gus in his superlab.

Gus eventually finishes the enormous meth lab on top of Lalo and Howard’s decomposing bodies. That implies that every time we witnessed Walt and Jesse producing hundreds of pounds of meth or Gus slitting the throat of one of his goons in the lab to deliver a message, Lalo was the victim. It’s undeniable that Gus was filled with satisfaction for not only secretly creating a drug empire beneath the nose of the repressive cartel that killed his closest buddy Max Arciniega but also for doing it on top of the body of his archenemy.

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