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Better Call Saul Series, how did Gene and Jimmy’s story end? Explained

As soon as we began watching the finale episode titled “Saul Gone” of the Better Call Saul series, we had a feeling that it would be intensely emotional, physically painful, and a lot of other things as well.  Here (tvacute) we explain the final episode of the Better Call Saul series explaining how Jimmy and Gean’s story closed.

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 13 Recap

Having said all of that, we went into the story with the assumption that Gene wouldn’t be able to escape this time, and that in the end, he’d find himself arrested; it just felt the most full circle that the guy who worked so hard to keep other people out of jail and scam the system ended up being there himself.

Now, let’s talk about everything that happened in Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 13. After all, we found out right away that Saul was taken into custody as we started watching this episode. He was eventually discovered hiding in a dumpster after he was unable to evade the cops in any other way. After that, he retained the services of Bill Oakley as his legal counsel and was confronted with a variety of charges. The fact that Marie (Betsy Brandt) showed up at the end of the series to confront Saul about his part in Hank’s passing was the first big twist of the conclusion. Unluckily for her, she suffered additional heartache since he was able to convince the prosecution that he was an unwitting participant who feared for his life. He was ultimately successful in having his sentence reduced to seven and a half years.

He even obtained the North Carolina location he wanted! He ensured that he was deported to New Mexico and made a commitment that he would soon reveal another huge incentive. Nevertheless, did he truly desire something else? As it turns out, he did, and the result was something that nobody, even themselves, would have anticipated at all. He ensured that he would be deported to New Mexico, and made a commitment that he would soon reveal another huge incentive. It was sufficient to bring Kim Wexler all the way into the courtroom. Then, he confessed to everything — everything — and made the decision to accept the most severe punishment that was available to him. In the end, he did not avoid addressing any of these issues in any way.

Did Kim see him again in Better Call Saul Series?

Did Kim see him again in Better Call Saul Series?

As it happens, the answer is yes. She noticed the drastic transformation he had undergone and went to see him in jail. A guard walks up to him as he’s making bread in prison, recreating the atmosphere of his former job at Cinnabon, and informs him that his attorney is there to see him. Jimmy makes his way to the interview room, where he discovers – Kim! She convinces the officer to uncuff him, and then she and Jimmy smoke cigarettes together while leaning against the wall, just like they used to do back in the glory days.


With appreciation in her voice, she tells him, “You had them down to seven years,” but after his confession, he was given a sentence of 86 years in prison instead. With a wry smirk on his face, he asks, “But with good behavior, who knows?” Jimmy watches Kim as she departs the facility via a chain-link fence while he is on the basketball field with the other inmates… And as she leaves the room, he starts firing finger guns at her. Even though he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, there was still a way to form some kind of connection with him there. Will they reunite in the future? We are unable to say for certain, but based on their last exchange, we believe that there is a way for both of them to move on with their lives and lead them somewhat differently going forward.

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