Is Aisha Hinds going to leave her role as Hen Wilson on 9-1-1?

911 Season 6 Episode 1-

After the events of 911 Season 6 Episode 5, is it possible that Aisha Hinds may leave 9-1-1? We believe that it is reasonable to have concerns about this matter. In the end, her character Hen was successful in passing the examination! It is now more likely than ever before that she will realize her ambition of becoming a physician. She has A TON of memories revolving around the 118, and she is going to miss her for a good while after she’s gone.

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Is Hen leaving 911 Season 6?

One of the most important things to keep in mind about this situation is the fact that even if Hen chooses to leave the 118, we do believe there is a possibility for her to continue appearing on the show. It’s possible that there will be some medical-related plotlines, right? This show could practically become every variant of the One Chicago franchise within the span of a single hour if we already have a cop on here in the form of Athena. Although we have not yet received any information that would lead us to believe that Hinds will be departing the company permanently, we are aware that this situation might very easily evolve. She has been a part of the series for a significant amount of time, and we are aware that there comes a moment when people want to go on to other things and begin new endeavors.

Naturally, the conclusion of 911 Season 6 Episode 5 made matters much more problematic than they were before, as Karen (Tracie Thomscalled 9-1-1 when an explosion occurred in her laboratory. When Hen was on the verge of possibly moving on with her life, she is going to have a greater incentive than ever before to throw herself headfirst into this rescue and assist the woman whom she loves. Even if today was the last time we officially get to see Hen as a member of the 118, we are relieved that her coworkers gave her such a warm and heartfelt farewell. They have come to completely comprehend the significance that she holds for this world.

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